Yankees to Pope Benedict: keep off the grass [Fr. Z]

I am reading in an Italian paper this morning, Corriere della sera that when His Holiness of Our Lord, Pope Benedict XVI, Vicar of Christ now gloriously reigning goes to … grrrr… Yankee Stadium, the he will not be permitted to walk on the grass. It mustn’t be trampled, after all.

I am a little conflicted, of course, since baseball is clearly the sport God loves most. Thus, a ball park is a kind of cathedral and, as such, the all important grass must be respected. I stipulate.

But this is His Holiness of Our Lord now gloriously reigning, after all.

Also, they are expecting to distribute Holy Communion to 57,000 people in something around 14 minutes. It’ll need some 530 priests.

I will not be one of them.

They figure each priest has to give a Sacred Host to a communicant once every 8 seconds.

I sure hope one day to see the end of these mega-Masses… or rather, if not the mega-Masses, at least the mega-Communion distributions. I am fully aware that people can get rather emotional about this, but I find it all very troubling.
Especially that bit about the grass.

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