YAY, our parish got Formed

I’ve been waiting for a while after hearing so many good things about it from lots of other Catholics whose parishes have it. It is paid for by our parish so for us it is FREE to use. YAY! Great Catholic movies, audio, Bible & book studies, dynamic programs & ebooks !

Thank You Jesus for this wonderful program.


I am the administrator of the Formed account at our parish. There really is something for everyone on there.


Be sure to talk it up to your fellow parishioners and thank your pastor and staff for the work they put in!!


I just went on it a few weeks ago for the first time and I really like it. I watched a couple of episodes of Symbolon.


I LOVE formed but I think it’s too expensive for some poorer parishes that really need to catechize their flock. That’s my only gripe with the product

We have to fundraise to pay for it each year. It is my understanding that subscriptions have been purchased at the diocesan level in some places.

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How much does it cost for a parish to subscribe?

$1,750.00 per year.

Never heard of it.

One of the assets my Parish overs. We use it in the Adult Faith Formation courses, CCD/RCIA & Bible Study Programs. Parishioners are also able to access the programs from home.

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That varies on the size of the parish. For very small parishes there are lower pricing options.

It has really improved our Baptismal Prep. Parents and Godparents can watch the videos on their own schedule, then simply meet with the DRE for one meeting.

That is expensive! The parishioners at my church are also able to log in to FORMED with
a password.
Excellent resources.
Thanks for the info.

Yes and no, an individual subscription is in the neighborhood of $100 per year. Our parish has just over 60 users, so it is a value for us. One must weigh all the factors.

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We probably have between 2,000-3,000 parishioners in our church. I am not sure how many have visited FORMED, but I would say it is a plus for the parish.

All it takes is to find 15 parishioners willing to donate an extra $9.99 per month in order for a parish to be able to afford FORMED (when purchasing with the annual fee - 17 parishioners when purchasing monthly)

One smaller, broke, & uncatechized parish in my area was easily able to find parishioners who were willing fund it.

Other parishes, are able to get their local Knights of Columbus to pay for it, esp since there are some KofC programs on FORMED.

Finally, for very small parishes (under 300 families) there is a small parish discount available when asked.


Its not really expensive if you look closer.

For example:

  • Bishop Barron’s new digital platform is $19.99 per person per month.
  • Ascension Press’ online studies are available for a fee per series/per user. So for example: to watch their new “Belonging” each user pays $15.95

FORMED is only $9.99 per user per month OR $1750 for an unlimited number of users who live inside the parish boundaries and/or are registered at the parish and/or attend the parish school. So the value of FORMED is actually amazing.

FORMED also has currently 142 eBooks (not including the audio books) and they never remove books as they add new ones. If you assume that each ebook could be purchased on Amazon for $10 per copy, that’s $1420 worth of eBooks times the number of parishioners who download & read them!

And they are always creating new stuff.

As FYI - their newest production (which isn’t on formed yet) is called “Ode to Saint Cecilia” which stars Hayley Atwell as St. Cecilia (she stared as “Agent Peggy Carter” in the Marvel’s Captain America movies and the Ant-Man movie, plus the Agent Carter TV series on ABC). He’s a video clip, including an interview with her: https://www.lighthousecatholicmedia.org/radio-theatre/cecilia?src=promoUnit

Again, for only the cost of 15 user the entire parish (meaning, every register Catholic attending mass, every child attending the parish school, and every single person - Catholic and non-Catholic alike - living in the parish boundaries) may used the parish subscription for FORMED. I’ve even heard of parishes that do a door to door campaign to give people (Catholics and non) a post card inviting them to use FORMED!

When used and promoted correctly, FORMED is actually a steal.

God Bless!


The best surprise with Formed is the content isn’t static or stagnant. They are continually adding new things.

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