Yay--sister came to mass with us!


We had a great weekend…my sister came…her phone wasn’t working the night before, so she didn’t get my calls…I thought at first that she was staying with that guy…but…she is coming back to God! We went to mass together yesterday…it was great.

Just sharing. Have a great week, everyone:)


Thanks be to God!


:wink: And the church didn’t cave in when she entered it!

I say that to all people coming back, because they usually say to me, “Oh, if I went to church, the roof would probably cave in on me.”


I used to joke that God was going to fall off his throne, he’d be so surprised to see me there.


I reply that we just had the roof reinforced to reassure lapsed Catholics wanting to come home.


That is awesome!!! I am glad things worked out, I know how worried you were…Hope she continues to go to mass and find her way back home.


LOL!!! Nope it didn’t…she told me today…‘who took my sister, and put a guardian angel in her place?’ aw…I’m so glad I took everyone’s advice here and never gave up praying for her…because just when I wanted to give up…and I didn’t think she’d come around…my prayers were answered.:slight_smile:




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