Yay! Wife's pregnant again!


Please keep us in your prayers! My wife, a 3rd year pediatric resident, is pregnant with our third child! Seems I get my big Catholic family after all! :smiley: Anyway, my wife has a difficult time with preganancies, having lost one early on about 5 years ago. Then, with our two kids we did have, she had to give herself injections and other treatments for a while. Anyway, she’s got a rough 9 mos ahead as she has to find a practice to settle into, no to mention study for and pass the final part of her medical boards!

Lol, good thing she’s a pediatrician!:smiley:

Pray for us!


Good grief! Your wife is a saint and a super-woman! God love you both. I pray that everything that needs to happen for her professionally will be OK and that she has an easier time with this pregnancy than she has in the past.


You have my congratulations and prayers as well … sounds like you’re getting ready to have your own football team at this rate!

My own parents are living proof that having even five children isn’t incompatible with a successful career as a doctor (and my mother had the first two while she was studying.)


Praying for your wife and your child!

Congratulations! :slight_smile:


Well, we both hit 30 this year so better now than later!


I am hereby communicating to you my sincerest congratulations. GOSH! Your family is in my prayers. :slight_smile:


Congratulations!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :cool:

Your family is in our prayers :stuck_out_tongue:


Those prayers are working!!! She got offered a job at the best pediatric practice in the city today!!!:blessyou::dancing::dancing::dancing:


My prayers are with your family! Congrats to your wife on her new job!!!


Lol, you are definitely a model to look up to!

I was posting on whether to marry and have children while both of us are in med school.

Your wife is a shining example that it’s possible!!!


Lol, we married after her first year of med school. We had our first kid in the middle of her third year, our second in the middle of her intern year, and this one will come as she’s finishing her third and final year. Now, I had an okay job while she was in med school and got a better one the fall before our second kid was born…

I don’t know how we’d have gotten by without that income. Even with her taking out the max on her loan…


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