Today was the first time our family attended the latin mass and I just have to say to anyone considering or feel inspired to attend… just go! It took me a long time to get the courage to go because I didn’t know if we’d stick out like a sore thumb but it didn’t matter. We went today and it was wonderful. My husband even liked it!
Good bless you all!


Welcome to the club!

:cool: Thank you! BTW what missal should I purchase?

Of all the Missals I’ve had, I find the Roman Catholic Daily Missal the easiest to use. It also has lots of extra prayers besides all the feast days of the Saints. You can buy it through the Angulus Press (not sure if it’s available elsewhere). It’s kind of pricey (about $65.00 with shipping). Just so you know, the Angulus Press is the publishing firm of the SSPX.

Congratulations on finding the TLM. Its why I came into the church in 1970 only to find out it was “gone”.

BTW, I use the 1962 Daily Missal by Angelus Press. I have many others but I like it best.

Good for you! I think you will find it to be a great blessing.

If you want to consider an alternative to the excellent Angelus Press missal, I use the equally excellent Baronius Press missal.


(also available on Amazon)

I haven’t compared them closely because I only have the Baronius, but it has a couple of features that the Angelus might not have. It has a copy of the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum as well as an errata sheet for the revised Good Friday prayer. If you look at the link, it lists many of the features. It is jam packed and a beautiful book… the binding and all that is really top notch.

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