Yazidis haunted by cries for help as militants bury victims alive

From Reuters:
Refugee Samo Ilyas Ali has nine children to feed but he can’t focus on the future because the sounds of women and children crying out for help while being buried alive by Islamic State militants in northern Iraq often consume his mind.

Tens of thousand of Yazidis fled their ancient homeland of Sinjar and other villages to escape a dramatic push by the Sunni militants who regard the ethnic minority as devil worshippers who must embrace their radical version of Islam or die.

The refugees sit idle in camps in the semi-autonomous Kurdish region in northern Iraq.

Traumatized by Islamic State militants notorious for beheadings and mass executions, they have simply given up on Iraq and want to go as far away as possible; to countries like Germany, worlds away from their mysterious customs.

In considering the horrors described here, please remember that the perpetrators of this violence consider it their religious duty to do so. We aren’t going to successfully negotiate with them nor are we going to be able to reach some kind of accommodation.

Their ultimate goal is to spread the good news of their message throughout first: the entire Islamic world, second: areas that were formerly Islamic but which have been lost (e.g., the Balkans, Spain), and then over the entire world. Also remember that while these folks only had a few hundred followers a couple of years ago, the number of mujahideen they have now is numbered in the tens of thousands. As they expand, they will continue to recruit more and more soldiers.

Do not underestimate these people. I’m not saying “be terrified.”

But don’t blow them off as the “jayvee team

Maybe it is time for our two military Allies in the Middle East, NATO ally Turkey, and ally Israel, to mobilize and join forces or unilaterally sweep ISIS from Syria and Iraq.

Also, is it just me, or is not almost all the news coverage in the Western press on the Iraqi refugees focusing on the Yazidi religious minority in Iraq, almost exclusively, and ignoring the suffering, plight and stories of the Chaldean Christian minority in Iraq???

Minor problem with your theory: the President-elect of Turkey, Erdogan, is an Islamist. He has repeatedly expressed displeasure with Israel (even comparing them to Nazis).

There are very potential links between Erdogan and ISIS, through the Turkish Islamic charity, the Foundation for Human Rights and Freedoms and Humanitarian Relief (IHH) – by way of his son, Bilal Erdogan.

So, while one might, in principle, think that is a good plan…in the current climate, not so much.

This is like Mongol Hordes of the past, Genghis Khan, Attila the Hun or as I’ve said before, the kind of stuff Imperial Japan did in Korea, Phillipines and China, I think so much of that Christian Slater movie “The flowers of war”. 1.bp.blogspot.com/-ojSjCDE-viU/T7p7QA14qJI/AAAAAAAAASg/s3o5CkH0-Rw/s1600/the-flowers-of-war02.jpg and en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Flowers_of_War

Bataan Death March and so on, really plundering versus I guess our perception of what went on in Europe was more about concentration and death camps and land grabs.

Of course the media ignore it. All Chaldeans are in communion with the Pope. :mad:

I need to stop reading this stuff tonight, I’m getting so worked up.

This is just so horrifically sad. Can you imagine putting your own kids to bed as they lay thinking of having seen such atrocities that day? Pope Francis himself has recently said that stopping ISIS is a just conflict. However he said the U.N. should do it as opposed to any one nation such as the USA. As much as I love Pope Francis, I think this just proves how little he really understands and the Pope’s holiness but how naive he is about the U.N. and how worthless it is. I dare say that if the USA and our allies don’t get involved, terrible things like this are on our own horizon.:mad::mad:.

Not hard to get that impression though, is it?

May the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you!

We were warned…
Pope Benedict was right about Islam at Regensburg. The world owes him an apology.
*Given the images burning like acid into our minds now, how mild, how utterly calm and reasonable do the words now seem. And how plainly wicked the demands that he retract and apologize because of the “offence” they had caused Muslims: how feigned and deceitful, how self-serving * “outrage”.the manufactured

*We were warned…
*Pope Benedict was right about Islam at Regensburg. The world owes him an apology.
*Given the images burning like acid into our minds now, how mild, how utterly calm and reasonable do the words now seem. And how plainly **wicked **the demands that he retract and apologize because of the “offence” they had caused Muslims: how **feigned **and deceitful, how self-serving * “outrage”.the manufactured
[/FONT]http://www.lifesitenews.com/blogs/the-world-owes-an-apology-to-pope-benedict-over-his-remarks-on-islam?utm_source=LifeSiteNews.com+Daily+ Newsletter&utm_campaign=b922117d3e-LifeSiteNews_com_Canada_Headlines_06_19_ 2013&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_0caba61 0ac-b922117d3e-326156810

It is absurd to expect this administration to care any more about Christians in Iraq/Syria than it does in America, where it forces Christians to act against conscience or pay the “secular jizya” fines imposed by Obamacare.

But even radical secularists should be concerned about ISIS. Unfortunately “humanitarian pinpricks” are probably all that this administration will do. Why? Because to really get in and crush ISIS would require a repudiation not only of Obama’s campaign rhetoric, but an acknowledgment that the whole “U.S. world involvement is bad” worldview of the left (and increasingly of the uber-right) is not only profoundly wrong, but dangerous as well.

The irony of all this is that, compared to Saddam Hussein, ISIS is quite weak. Look at it; unable to defeat Assad, unable to defeat the poorly-armed Kurds, unable to take Baghdad from poorly organized Shia militias (and Iranian special forces, it must be added). ISIS is also allied with groups it can never really trust.

But Obama’s pride and that of his party and media supporters is too important to them to do the right thing. So they won’t.

I have not noticed this.

I tend to keep CNN on in the background and this stations continually mentions not only the Yassidis, but the Christians as well.

The Yassidis got a lot of coverage over the last week or two because it was this group, primarily, which was pushed to the mountains and were surrounded by ISIS.

Do you believe that the “media” has a personal derision for the Holy Father causing them to specifically ignore Chaldean Christians?

I believe you are being conspiratorial here.

Absolutely correct. I do believe the President also made a reference to the Yazidis in a speech a year or two ago but unsure if the Chaldeans were mentioned. So he already knew who the Yazidis were. This speech is from some time ago.

Firstly the Pope was speaking of Islam, not ISIS.

Secondly the media completely misunderstood and mis-characterized what Benedict was saying. He himself stated this.

He WAS NOT warning us about Muslims in the modern world- he was engaging in a scholarly and historical presentation.

The media, at times, took a negative spin on Benedict- but also admired him. This was a time where they got it wrong.

Perhaps you could look at this story and have some sympathy for the victims rather than politically correcting everyone and defending the obviously left wing Democratic sympathizing press.

To suggest that I do not have great sympathy for these victims of violence is untoward and uncalled for. I do and I pray for them.

I hold great disdain for ISIS.

It is possible to address the subject of threads, however.

BTW"" not being a Democrat- I do not engage in Democratic talking point- not knowing what they are. Liberals and Conservatives alike want accuracy and a measured response to the horrors happening in Iraq.

Correct. Turkey is worthless as an “ally”. It no longer belongs in NATO, really. Undoubtedly there are those in Turkey who oppose the Islamists, but they don’t hold power. Erdogan has purged the armed forces of those who might oppose him. So, in reality, I think we can consider Turkey an Islamist state for the near future at least.

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