Year for priests


I am looking for some resources to help me engage an 11 year old boy in an ongoing conversation/education with the year for priests as the topic. does anyone have any ideas. I am just kind of looking for some things that would help me help him understand and appreciate the priesthood. thanks


The book The Unchanging Heart of the Priesthood by Fr. Thomas Acklin is a great book on the priesthood. You would probably want to read it yourself and determine if you think it’s at his level.

In addition, here’s the Vatican’s “Year for Priests” website.

Here’s the USCCB’s “Year for Priests” website.

Here’s the publisher Our Sunday Visitor’s “Year for Priests” resource page.


Get him trained to be an altar boy. He will be more involved in the Mass and learn a bit directly from the priests about the Mass and sacraments.

Invite your priests over for dinner. Let him get to know them as real people, not just mysterious figures that perhaps sleep in the sacristy! :wink:

See what your diocese has in support of the Year for Priests.

Get a copy of the Vision book about St John Vianney. They have a huge series of books about Saints–St Phillip Neri and St Francis Xavier are other terrific priests he may relate too.


Good ideas. Here’s a link to the book on St. John Vianney, and here’s a link to a list of all 28 Vision Books.


Thanks for the great suggestions. I am very excited about the book. that was just the kind of thing I was looking for. He is my godson and lives 4 hours away so I cant invite the priests over, but I may be able to guide toward being an alter server.


Ooh, I just remembered another great resource: the Fishers of Men DVD. How could I have forgotten.

It was produced by Grassroots Media at the behest of the USSCB a few years back. It’s just 18 minutes long, but it is a very positive, and extremely powerful portrayal of the priesthood.

If you’d like to preview it, it’s on YouTube in two parts (part 1 and part 2). You can order it as a set with The Unchanging Heart of the Priesthood at Emmaus Road for just $15.


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