Year of/for the Priests


I was looking around but didn’t really know where I should place this question.
Since it is part of the liturgical year once in a while, and I am making a study about this I’ll ask here in the hope to find the answers. Cause, to my surprise, somehow I could not find it on the internet.

The year of the Priests 2009-2010 was according to my knowledge not the first one. In front of me is a little devotional picture from 1948 (Tourain/Belgium) with a prayer for “Journée du sacerdoce” which at the bottom says Imprimatur Tornaci, 2 April 1948. Does this mean there was a Year for the Priests in 1948, and if so, how many before and after have been there?



Well, "journée" means "day" in French, so whatever the card is talking about (possibly it's a commemorative card for an ordination or ordination anniversary?), it wouldn't be a "Year for Priests." If you could tell us what the prayer says, that might help to narrow it down.


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