Year of the Priest


What is your parish or diocese doing for the year of the priest? Our diocese is having a monthly service one night each month at a different parish that includes time for confession with several different priests, prayer time, and Eucharistic Adoration. Our parish also allowed individual parishioners to sign up to be on the list to pray for a particular priest in the diocese. We have 89 priests and 89 people signed up, I think. We all get a different priest each month until the year of the priest is over. I got my letter for my priest today so I can start praying for him! :slight_smile:


Wow! A real manifestation of Communion of Saints:thumbsup:


I’m using this thread as an opportunity to remind readers of the plenary indulgences available by praying for priests during this special year: .

Because the first Thursday of each month in the Year for Priests has been designated as a day of prayer for priests, I went to my parish office the other day and requested Masses to be offered on the first Thursday of several upcoming months with the intention for the “sanctification of priests.”


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