‘Year One’: Time magazine’s striking new cover literally shows the fire and fury of Trump

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“And who knows? As we enter Year Two, perhaps the authentic new Time cover could even replace the fake Time covers that have hung at some of Trump’s clubs.”

…but probably not…

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Judging by these forums, it’s Trump opponents who can be better described as “having a meltdown”. Trump seems to be having the time of his life.


lol, probably not. But I don’t think this is the last cover that we’ll see. He might catch up with his predecessor before his time is up.

I thought the animated rendition on instagram was creative.

I really wish Trump were setting fire to things as much as the media and his other opponents make him out to be. This is really a tame presidency so far.

It’s art, it’s open to interpretation. I took it as a statement on his disposition, of course inspired directly by some of his own words.

I took it as a statement about his hair.


I think you’re probably both right. :wink:

The whole democrat party resembles the burning man image because they are still so
furious he won!!! I am not sure they even remember Hillary. They are directing all their
anger, bitterness and vitriol towards DJT.

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Because the Republicans were just so pleased and accepting after Obama’s two electoral victories.

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