Yellowstone earthquake: Biggest in 34 years, but not the 'big one' (+video)


[LEFT]Yellowstone earthquake: A magnitude 4.8 earthquake struck Yellowstone National Park Sunday. But the quake didn’t appear to signal an eruption of the huge super-volcano lying beneath the park.

Is the super volcano about to blow? Drudge and others on the net are showing videos of animals running away from the park.

The National Park Service says, relax, they do that every winter to get food. See video here:


There are no indications that an eruption is imminent. Yellowstone has an almost constant seismicity, although almost all earthquakes are extremely small.

The NPS is correct. Animals leave the higher elevations in the park to lower elevations this time of year because they are finding it harder to find food beneath the still thick snow in the park while lower elevations have either no snow or very little snow covering forage materials. All the animals will be returning to the park within the next month or so when temperatures start to rise.




It is interesting though that we have recently had the Cal quake, the quake last night in Chile and now one in Yellowstone…

Makes one wonder if mother earth is just stretching a bit here and there, or if she’s winding up for something…



Cal quake and Chile quake have to do with the Pacific plate moving under the continental plates.

Yellowstone is a volcano, unrelated to the others

All are common


Crazy thing about Yellowstone is that over the millions of years it has re-located at least a few times from a more northeasterly location near the Dakotas (I think?) to it’s present location in the northwest corner of Wyoming.



And there was 5.8 off Panama today. Seems to be a lot of activity lately.


Nope. Normal activities.




Yes, the volcanism which feeds Yellowstone is moving towards North Dakota. Actually, the volcanic hotspot which causes Yellowstone isn’t moving, however, the continental plate is moving across the hotspot which gives the illusion that the volcanism itself is moving. A similar phenomenon caused the formation of the Hawaiian islands, as the Pacific Plate moved across a volcanic hotspot.

16 million years ago, the Yellowstone volcanism was located near the Nevada/Oregon border.


I believe I read several days ago that there were 300 earthquakes in one day in oklahoma!

The video of the bison running down the road at yellowstone was intetesting. They seemed to be on a mission.


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