Yelp Will Label Businesses Accused Of Racist Behavior

Is this nuts?

Read it.

Makes me think of the “Negro Motorist Greenbook.”

It is worth noting that former One American News Network personality Liz Wheeler is a Catholic.

This is very troubling. I use yelp on a regular basis along with tripadvisor so now I will be more confused on what is or isn’t a good restaurant or entertainment venue.

I’ve heard of that wondrous (said with sarcasm) publication.

You mean One America News Network? Liz Wheeler doesn’t work for that outlet anymore.

No, the Negro Greenbook which listed businesses that would serve black people back in the day.

I have a friend whose parents met with the assistance of that book.

His parents met because his mom was in town for a funeral. It made no sense to me at first; since his father did not know the deceased and did not meet at the funeral, how did they meet? His mother’s family had to use the book to find a place where they would allow black people to stay, since normal lodging places, and some towns, could be fatally hostile to people of color. The school that the friend’s father attended was open to allowing travelers to rent unused form rooms. While she was on campus, they encountered each other.

At least something good came from the horrors of this period of racism - I ran across mentions of the book in numerous novels and some history texts.

I might watch a documentary that was released last week that is said to talk about it. “Driving While Black” is a 2 hour doc released by a station here that concentrates on educational content.

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