Yep. God is listening!


ok, heres the deal… money is so tight it can’t even squeek in our family.

The other day I was vacuming ( are we not always cleaning?) and I was noticing that our poor vacume was on its last legs. So I was thinking that it would be time for me to start saving money to buy another but I have eeked out the last of the unneeded things in our life just to pay the bills and was trying to figure out what else we could do with out. I just simply told the lord at that point that we needed a new vacume cleaner and the kids just nodded there heads and agreed.

Today my kids are taking out the trash and found a vacume cleaner. I tell them at first to leave it alone as that is all I need another non functioning thing to throw away when they are not looking. My second oldest goes out and lugs it home anyway. It is a brand new Bissel vacume cleaner! I tell them the motor is probably gone but plug it in and we would see. The motor works! ok, so what is wrong with it? it is so plugged up I have to use a pair of pliers to unplug it. Walah a new vacume! I start remembering the prayer, and it is my oldest that says “see momma you said the lord provides!” We also found the box it came in and the manuel to the vacume. Thank the ever merciful god above my floors will stay clean!

I know this doesn’t sound like much but one less stress in my life is one to be ever grateful for. Its the simple things in life that make all the difference.


God is good!


Yes he is! and my carpet is clean! I am just so happy, I can’t even contain myself. I know it sounds so simple a thing but I was so stressed and now it just feels like a miracle! ( imagine that, my carpet is actualy a cream color.)

Any one else have the same thing happen?


Wowsers! :extrahappy:


Imagine…Divine providence in the form of a vaccuum cleaner. Well, they say cleanliness is next to Godliness… :smiley:

Seriously though, it’s very cool when God hears us, even over things that may seem inconsequential to others. Once when I was under a great deal of stress and my car was literally in the shop every other day I cried out to God that I just needed a break. It was a total miracle that my 12 year old Ford which was on it’s last legs, ran without a hitch for a month straight.

Yeah, He listens. Sometimes he doesn’t give us the answer we want, but sometimes He does! :smiley:


Perhaps it was.

Many years ago, things were very tight. VERY tight! Our baby at the time was 12 mo old, and one day, in the mail, we received a letter. A very generous great-aunt said she somehow forgot to put a gift in the mail for our “new” baby, but decided to go ahead and send it. She said “better late than never.” It was a check for $100 and it bought our groceries that month. It was perfect timing. No one new about our financial stress at the time, and we lived too far away for others to know how things were. I’m sure an angel whispered in her ear.


i love to hear wonderful things like this. God bless you.


Yes, God is listening and He never turns us down when we come and ask for something.

I have to tell you a small story:

We once own a beautiful bichon/maltese mix. He was my ideal dog. Benji was his name. A few months ago, around sometime in April of this year, the maintence man with his partner walked accross the lawn, and I had Benji out there tied to the tree. He barked if he didnt’ know you, and the new maintenance man must of done something to Benji, because he claim that Benji had bit him. He quickly called the housing authority and made a big stink out of it, and I had to get rid of my dog. Plus pay a fine. However, I found a nice home for Benji with a family with five children. They love him so much. But I miss him a whole bunch. But recently, just last Saturday night my son, who is a Fireman, and EMT, came home late at night and said Mom, I have something for you to take care. In his hands was a tiny baby kitten. He was going to bring her to the SPCA the next day. I said, No. They will put her down because they are cats overloaded. I said we will keep her. She was a stray. Two days later, not thinking of anything worse, her eyes began to tear and she was sneezing. My daughters girlfriend told us to take it to the vet. I said yep, here goes another bill. I went out that night, and came home thought the worse that something drastic happend to Bella whom we name her. I called my daughter Emma, and her and my husband and Bella were at the Animal Hospital. The doctor had told her that she is one lucky kitten. She wouldn’t have made it not less than 3 days, because she had a very acute respriatory infection. She is about 4 and half weeks old. He sent us home with the medication and antibotic. Now we have her. She is so cute and does the funnyest things. So God sent one of his little creatures to be taken care of and to be loved, and help to get our minds off of Benji whom we loved and miss so much… But Bella is the newest family member and she will be loved. This is how God works…He works in Mysterious Ways…
Sr. Henrietta of the 3rd lay order of St Therese:)


Wow, how wonderful. We had a similar situation. I had an old,old, old vacuum that worked well, but had only 2 wheels instead of four, one of the hoses was showing the
ribs of wire (still had a membrane on the inside, though) I had to be very careful using
it, but it really had a powerful vacuum. I checked to see the replacement parts and
the price was staggering so I put that on hold. Then we went to a garage sale and they
had a vacuum for sale. It was not marked and it looked new, so I asked if it was for
sale and they said yes for an amount less than the replacement parts. They told us
that is was broken but didn’t know why. (It was the same brand, just a lot newer)
We figured that we could use the parts, even if didn’t work.
We took it home and I started by cleaning the hose. It was clogged with Xmas tree
needles! After I cleaned it up, I turned it on and it worked perfectly. Had that vacuum for
many years.


I love happy stories :slight_smile: and I have one too!

A couple weeks ago, my mother had neck surgery (she has had 15+ major surgeries in the last 10 years, so its really nothing new for us). A few days after she came home, I was craving my favorite treat from this hole-in-the-wall hot dog place, and since I was going to be babysitting that weekend, I figured I could splurge :slight_smile: The hot dog place is also known for their milkshakes, and I offered to get my mom one, since she was stuck in the house and developing a sore throat. I figured I would have just enough for a hot dog, fries and two shakes.
Well when I get there, I check my wallet and notice that I only have enough for my meal and one shake.I pulled out my $5 bill and 2 $1 bills. Despite really wanting the milkshake (they’re awesome), I decided to let my mom have it, since she was bummed out. When I went to place my order, I double checked that I had the correct amount. Some how I held in my hand 2 $5s and 1 $1! I would have bet anything that there was only one $5 before. Human error or something more? :slight_smile: Well, either way, it reaffirmed what I always heard from my parents- be generous and trust God to provide :smiley: He sure did!

lol, it wasn’t till afterward that I realized all I had to do was not order the fries and I would’ve had enough anyway :doh2:


Of course…and when God doesn’t answer to those who need a new car genuinely or a new liver, or a kidney, or some kind of expensive need to live their life then he’s not listening right?

Or perhaps God is working in mysterious ways and will answer them at another point, or maybe not at all because he knows best, but for now all we definitely know is he was listening that you needed a new vacuum cleaner and you got one immediately! :rolleyes: I once found a microwave that I took home and sold on ebay, it looked new, nothing wrong with it, inside was clean as ever, and was heavy duty family sized, and it’s not like I needed one, so should I conclude that God gave me another microwave for the purpose of selling it on Ebay? Or perhaps I mistakenly took someone else’s present. It was left outside for garbage collection.

Wow he sure is good.

This kind of one-sided personal jesus seniority is disgusting.


Thank you for sharing these stories! It’s the little moments like this that remind me of how great God is, and always working in our lives!

So many people would chalk things like this up to coincidence, but I couldn’t see it as anything else than Divine Love!


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