Yes our Pope has an agenda and it is a good one

From what I have read (nothing that the media reports interprets however) I have come to the conclusion that Pope Francis is absolutely correct. He is shaking all of us out of our superior sense of complacency.

Rule One: The media by in large is stupid.
Rule Two: When the media is not stupid it deliberately misinterprets Pope Francis’s words.
Rule Three; Ignore the media.

Rule Four and very important: Read the Catechism of the Catholic Church.
Rule Five: Read the actual writings of Pope Francis and the properly translated transcripts of His interviews.

You will see that our wonderful Pope knows exactly what he is doing and why. You will also realize that The Holy Spirit knows what He is doing as well.

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The only thing I can add is to read up on St. Ignatius & Ignatian Spirituality, it will give you a better idea of how a Jesuit “thinks”.

I will. Thank you.

You mean God has a plan? Weird. I could’ve sworn Jeremiah 29:11 said “I have no plans for you and am going to sit back and watch you destroy what I worked so hard to create.”

Sarcasm aside, thank you for you post. I may not agree with your assessment of the media, but I’m a journalist so I admit some bias. That being said, it is obvious that whether out of ignorance or intent the media has not done a good job interpreting Pope Francis’ statements. They have taken some things at least partially out of context, and that is what has created the controversy.

There is no such thing as bad publicity with Francis. His statements are inspiring millions throughout the world to ask questions of themselves, their faith, and about the Catholic Church. These seekers are Catholic, protestant, Muslim, atheist, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, and many other diverse religious beliefs. God is opening so many hearts and minds through Francis that would not have been opened otherwise.

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