Yes, the Zohar IS divine!


I was searching through the internet and found a link to Sefer HaZohar v. the Bible, which led me to this Catholic site. To my eyes, this was very foolish. As Orthodox Jews, we don’t believe - and @EdWin this is for you, as I believe you’re the guy who wrote last about this - that the Zohar is in any shape or form, contradictory to Tanakh (OT). Period. It wouldn’t be part of our mesorah (tradition) otherwise. It was obviously written by the Rashbi, student of Rav Akiva, and not R. Moshe de Leon, who, when asked, produced a fresh and complete copy exactly like the one purposefully taken from him to test it. Contrast this to the false Book of Mormon, when someone stole his chapter, he opted to write it from another perspective, he didn’t reproduce the exact work, his god was a fraud. Yitzhak of Acco, the man sentenced to investigate our holy Zohar, wrote 20 years later that it was indeed divine. That’s enough proof for me. I don’t intend to argue it over, but if you choose to debunk this, good luck.


What’s the point of this post? We aren’t Jews


The point was to supply an answer for this “attack” on this site:

Bible vs Zohar.

The site doesn’t allow links. If you type it in the search bar, you’ll find it.


I see. I didn’t really understand. People post all types of wrong things here. Don’t take it so personally


Yep, you’re right. Thanks.


@Rabbi, welcome to Catholic Answers Forums, and thanks for posting that about the Zohar.

I found the discussion you referred to, and I’ll post the link:

(It is an old discussion, from about 11 years ago.)


@RandomAlias, yes, that’s it.


Actually there are Jews here at CAF, and this is the Non-Catholic Religions forum, so the post is appropriate.


Links follow the format of [text](url). You can also post the URL directly.

That said, I have had a post auto-removed for mod approval when posting a link. I’m not sure if it was because I was new at the time or because it was a link to CARM, which probably need to be blacklisted due to its popularity among some of the less charitable of our Protestant brothers and sisters.


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