Yes we can...Thank you Satan?

One of my youtube friends in Christ sent me this chilling video. I for one dont know what to think at this point. I believe that our today government is not of God, but I think this person who uploaded this is over exaggerating. What are your thoughts?

The term “over exaggerating” is itself an exaggeration. I have not watched your video but I do ask why you would link to something you seem to find wildy exaggerated.

As for the “not of God” comment, I would be hard put to find a government in recent memory that was not ‘all of man’ and ‘all about man’. If you mean a government that God allowed to assume power, then its clear by their very existence, that all governments have been so allowed…Does He favor them all or desire their existence? Not necessarily…for better of for worse, He seems to tend to leave the desiring and choosing to mere mortals.

I think the video is silly. Politically and philosophically, I am against Obama and everything the liberal left stands for, but I think videos such as this only detract from the legitimacy of our side of the argument.

Let me try and make it simpler for you to understand because I myself after looking over my post said 'what did I just write"
The ‘not of god’ comment…I meant to say that our government today is a liberal one, one that condones evil. To put it in a simpler way it’s a house divided among itself.

Well your clarification just puzzles me even more…what do you mean by “condones evil” as compared to previous governments? Is there some particular practice (or practices) that has been introduced for the first time by this particular government? Are all liberals, condoners of evil? And seriously, since when was unity a hallmark of modern politics?

I’m sorry, but I burst out laughing when it started playing backwards. :blush:

You have the best intentions, but this kind of thing does not help our cause at all. It makes us look like right wings religious nut jobs. Does this mean that whenever somebody asks, “Did mom say we could have ice cream?”, and I answer “Yes we can”, I am thanking the devil?

Just kidding there. In all honesty, backwards sounds and things means nothing. There’s too much interests in subliminal messages these days, it’s just not healthy.

Anyway I’m sure Satan is actually thanking Obama.

Are they? Show me a political liberal who does NOT support abortion, and who works towards real good in our country. I’ve never seen such a thing.

I DID say I was puzzled and I am. First of all, who or what defines a liberal? I’ve been called one on this board more than once and I DO NOT support abortion (I’ve actually risked my career to stand against it more than once).

As for working for real good in our country, I know even pro-abortion people who work extremely hard in pursuits that ultimately improve numerous lives.

In my experience, good in good and evil is evil but they both may coexist in individuals and in institutions. Show me a government in history that has not allowed or participated in both good and evil. I’ve never heard of such a thing.

You make a good point. Modern liberals are actually not really liberals at all. True liberals of the past were concerned with actual freedom, civil rights, and things of that kind. Not massive government, abortion, and restriction of those rights.

As for being pro-abortion and still working for good, I think that’s some shaky ground. Working for the common good, while giving real support to the abortion industry is like giving alms with one hand, and shooting someone with the other. The issue of abortion outweighs nearly every other moral issue, it really can’t be offset by ANY good deed.

Glad we can find common ground. Have to say though that it’s not a question of good deeds offsetting bad ones, it’s simply a fact that a person who procures, furthers or assists in an abortion can also otherwise be doing good things as well.

Not to say that one should overlook the evil but rather not deny that these people are also capable of doing good. Think it was one of the saints who said that there is at least a speck of good in even the most evil person. That’s all I’m saying; so the lines can be drawn between good and evil but not necessarily between people who do good and those who do evil. Sometimes they are one and the same.

My computer won’t let me watch the video so all I can say is that since I live in a country that massacres several thousand unborn children a day, wants to legalize gay marriage and take away the few rights we have left nothing surprises me anymore. Don’t be surprised if we see Sharia Law come here someday as well.

Which is what true liberals are still concerned with. Which is why I don’t mind calling myself one.

What on earth does Sharia law have to do with abortion and gay marriage? This thread has me soooo confused.

I think her point is that the people who are showing favoritism to Islam because they do not like Christianity (not because they are muslim themselves) and the people who support abortion and gay-marriage tend to be on the same side of the aisle (notice I said tend to be, I didn’t say always) and that side of the aisle is currently in control of the Executive Brianch, the Legislative Branch (with a comfortable majority) and has great influence in the Judicial branch and in courts across the nation.

It’s so funny, the “Yes we can” cheap slogan is just a rip off on Massachusett’s Deval Patrick’s “Together we can” cheap slogan. Two years before the country got to feel good about themselves by electing an unqualified empty suit to the presidency because he was black and had these “feel good” slogans, Massachusetts elected an unqualified empty suit to the governership because he was black and had these “feel good” slogans. Patrick is Obama’s good buddy and they share their lame speeches that the unthinking masses drink up. Maybe you remember when Obama got caught using Patrick’s “Just words” shtick during the primary two years ago;

the two of them are frauds, we knew Obama was a fraud in 2008 because we already saw one two years earlier.

Yes that was my point but ironically the very Islam that the liberalized world would seek to embrace will stifel it and restrict it even more.

Oh what a confused generation is mine?

Favoritism to Islam? Care to clarify with examples just who you’re talking about?

While I was working at my local mall, I would go by a Bob the Builder “ride” and the theme would play periodically. I always wondered if the people who came up with Obama’s slogans got the idea from that.

“Can we fix it?” “Yes we can!”

Do you follow the news at all? Are you aware of whats taught on some college campuses? Are you aware of the kind of decisions that have been made about language and terminology that our DoD can use regarding our primary adversaries (decisions that have made my job much harder since a year and a half ago)?

I’d be happy to compile some examples for you, either tonight after work or later this weekend. But while you’re waiting, please do some looking yourself, you won’t have to search hard…

What search term am I supposed to enter in Google? “Favoritism towards Islam”? You seem to avoid specifics and then imply that I should do my own research. If you’re going to post about something do so, if you don’t want to talk about it then don’t - can’t have it both ways.

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