Yes we can...Thank you Satan?

I believe I said I’d do it tonight or this weekend. Did you read that part?

Any chance you could change your mean-spirited tone you’ve had in almost every post on this thread? I havn’t noticed anyone picking a fight with you to provoke this.

The video doesn’t make any sense at all. My thoughts? It seems like it was twisted to make it fit with what they wanted to say. I hear no harm in anyone saying “God Bless America”. It just doesn’t seem right.

I listen to speeches the old fashioned way: FORWARDS!


Oh I get a tad mean-spirited when I wake up on the wrong side of the bed with a hangover from too many CAF posters speaking in riddles. :wink: Simply put, if I’m going to search for something, I need to know what that something is I’m supposed to search for.

If you replace each vowel with the vowel immediately preceding it and invert the wording, Obama’s speeches lay out a great recipe for salsa.

Read the BBC news for all the examples you want from Europe (except for maybe France) as to America the well do you see Muslims being made fun of. The Media is always careful to state how moderate most Muslims are. If you are a conservative Christian watch out. The Media call you a gay hating Nazi or backward thinking hick. President Obama canceled the National Day of Prayer this year…but wants us to accept a Muslim Place of worship at ground Zero…:rolleyes:

I would hope not to see anyone made fun of…Come to think of it I’m pretty sure Jews and just about any recognized minority (not just religious groups), get treated pretty carefully with regard to what may or may not be appropriately said about them in the media. To be fair, I have not heard conservative Christians called the terms you describe except maybe on internet forums where it’s open season on just about everybody…

I’m not sure why the National Day of Prayer was canceled but something tells me that Muslims have about just as much reason to object as I’d have since prayer is not the domain only of Christians. And BTW, have you visited Ground Zero, the Pentagon, a "Muslim Place of worship…any or all of the above, ever? I’ve been told, that you can do the first without doing the third, but not the second without doing the third…sort of like those multiple choice exams in logic…

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