#YesAllWomen Campaign Gains Steam on Social Media

The Twitter by Playboy about Neko Case’s latest music release certainly fits in here as well. Yes, I think Playboy’s tweet was interpreted by some to be sexist but Neko Case’s responses really can not be repeated in polite company but all the same, she has right on her side I would say.

I myself don’t know her music of which I can’t make judgements but the story caught my eye.

Another disagreement I have with this “movement” is it’s hostility towards modest dress. I don’t know, I figured on CAF I wouldn’t be the only one that thinks everyone (male and female) should dress modestly in public at least. But yet I’ve seen tons of pictures of women shirtless at protests with writing on their bodies that says “No is still no”. I definitely can’t condone letting women (and men) go naked in public!

The thing that I find confusing is that these are the same people who would decry a #yesallinfidels campaign as racist.

Yes, not all muslims are terrorist, but yes all infidels live in fear of muslim violence. every day. all across the world.

If we are going to not judge a whole people by the actions of a small minority it should also extend to judging people by their sex. At the very least someone could stop being a muslim, but there is not a thing in the world I can do to change my sex.

Discussing sex-positive feminism is a non-sequitur.

This issue is about things in life that men never have to experience and women deal with every day. It’s fairly infuriating to see guys dismiss it for any reason, whether you’re calling it stereotyping, overreacting, or referring to sex-positive extremists who try to use the social media explosion for their own agenda.

This is a real problem for women. Stop dismissing it. No, it is not the same situation for men, whether in a parking lot at night, body exploitation, dealing with threats, sexual pressure, assault, or whatever else have you.

Speaking of modest dress, I can find your comment listing the numerous threads on CAF dealing with modesty and male dress where?

I didn’t say CAF was chalked full of pro-modest dress threads. I said I would expect that people who frequent a Catholic forum aren’t in favor of women or men dressing vulgarly.

So what is the purpose of this campaign?

To push a poor, poor pitiful me narrative for political gain.

I’m a guy, just so you know.

I was surprised to learn recently that 1/3 of domestic abuse cases are perpetrated by women on men. Still, 2/3 are by men perpetrated on women.

Men are nearly as likely to be sexually assaulted as women, though a significant number of the perps are to be men also in the first case.

Still, the degradation of women in just about every form of media one can name is massively worse than it is of men. Rap music alone is often so horrific in that regard it amazes me that anyone can bear to listen to it.

Having said all that, i am still not sure what the practical objectives of the hashtag campaign are. Does anybody know?

Really? I think this post sums it up:

It seems like it’s been pretty grass-roots, pretty organic.

As a man as well, when a mass of women speak out like this, I think we men should do some listening to what they have to say before anything else.

Sign of the times. 300 women kidnapped in Nigeria? Start a twitter campaign!

We have entered an age where showing you "care’ is more important than taking action.

Why? What exactly am I supposed to be listening for?

The object of the listener is to listen. We don’t know what we could learn before hand or anticipate what we could learn. That’s what learning is about.

+1. You want people to rally behind something, propose some legislation or at least have a specific agenda. I see women complaining about violence (which can happen to anyone regardless of gender), dress codes (which are necessary), and reproductive rights (the “right” to kill your baby). So that’s the agenda you guys are supporting?

I don’t tweet or subscribe to twitter so ill let someone listen for me. If its all about telling me about the shortcoming of men I have a wife and four daughters who do a good job of that all on their own.

You’re striking a false dichotomy, no one’s claiming that a social media trend is a substitute for other actions.

I don’t do twitter either. I was only responding to your post.

The person who started this campaign was reacting to the manifesto left behind by the mass shooter at Santa Barbara. He apparently had a gripe against women in general who he felt had rejected him. He then targeted a sorority house because he felt rejected by the women of that sorority.

Most of the tweets aren’t to bash men (although there might be, I’m not sure how well Twitter is moderated) but to call attention to violence against women.

Good point – I have seen tons of men shirtless in pictures and in real life at the beach. I assume you are vocal about your position that men should always have T-shirts on while swimming, doing yard work, etc.

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