Yesterday's Gospel and Sacramental Mystery Analogy


Yesterday's Gospel and Sacramental Mystery Analogy:

Five loaves, two fish, the futility of 200 days natural wages to feed a multitude.

In another incident, the only other miraculous feeding overall, despite multiple accounts in the Gospels, is seven loaves and a a few fish.

Liberals think God can never see doctrinal development down the pike and inspire mysteries in Scripture that only come to light to the Church later, when enough development has taken place to realize them?

Has the Catholic Church always known without question that there are seven and only seven sacraments, what they are, and which ones, respectively, are ordinarily retained by schismatics and heretics?

No! It had to develop.

But NOW, the Catholic Church KNOWS dogmatically, after 2000 years of doctrinal development, that there are seven and only seven sacraments, as defined by the Council(s), and that ordinarily, schismatic Churches retain all seven sacraments,and that heretical communities usually only have two of the seven, Baptism and Marriage, lacking five that absolutely require the priests and Episcopate, Confession, Eucharist, Confirmation, Holy Ordres, Anoininting.

Well lo and behold, in one feeding, to 4000, Christ fed 7 loaves and few fish, and to 5000, 5 loaves and two fish.

Interesting, for after a thousand years, 4 of the 5 Apostolic Sees (4,000 / 5,000) broke into schism, but still retained all seven sacraments (loaves), but were a little unstable in doctrine cuz they lost Peter, the fullness of Apostolicity (5000?)

And 500 years later, hoardes of heretical factions broke from Peter and All Apostolic Succession and were tossed in a sea of chaos, hence only able to retain two rfish, two sacraments, Baptism and Marriage.

Why shouldn't feeding on miraculous food parallel the sacraments, and its mystery in Christian division? For what is sanctifying grace but miraclous SPIRITUAL food for our wills, and how many great sources of such are there except the seven sacraments, perfectly partitioned like these two great feeding instances in Gospels, just as there are two great ways that Christ's dispiles can be divided, schism, heresy?

Is this purely an accidental fulfillment of Christ's life? I THINK NOT!

God can inspire the Scriptures to later reveal mysteries that come to light as more underlying mysteries are found in preparation!


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