Yesterday's rosary

As I was praying tonight’s rosary I felt Mary really speaking to me. When praying the first joyful mystery, the annunciation, I realized how strong Mary was in her faith. To be an unwed mother during that time was unthinkable. She would be a social outcast and even suffer the risk of being stoned. I thought about her trust in God and her willingness to obey his wishes even in a situation that seemed impossible and how we must model her behavior and do the same. The more I contemplated faith I could feel my worries slowly melting away.

When I started praying the second joyful mystery, Mary’s visitation to St. Elizabeth, I had an image in my head of her as the mother of God and the mother of all nations. She showed me that there are greater problems in the world right now then my own. As I reflected the events of this mystery I also sent up my prayers for all the Christians suffering persecution. I prayed that she would magnify her son for the whole world, bring non believers to him to put an end to all the violence and cruelty.

For the third joyful mystery, the Nativity of our Lord, I reflected on the holy family. I thought about the peace that filled the room when our savior was brought to us and asked for peace to always be in our home. I thought about what good parents Mary and Joseph were and prayed that my fiance and I will one day be good parents and always remember to model ourselves after them.

For the forth joyful mystery, the presentation of our Lord in the temple, I thought about the importance of tradition in the church. Mary was a traditional Jewish woman who fulfilled the law by having her son circumcised and making the appropriate temple sacrifice. I prayed that our children would grow up understanding the necessity of church tradition and to always make sure that we are offering up to God our own sacrifice.

For the fifth joyful mystery, finding the child Jesus in the temple, I prayed that both the laity and the clergy would also find Jesus in the Catholic church. That uneducated Catholics would learn and understand the dogma of the real presence and start behaving in a more reverent manner. I prayed that the priests and bishops would stop all the abuses and restore the mass to its proper form.

Just thought I would share my thoughts with you guys. I’d be happy to hear feedback.

I wish more people would share stories like you did. It’s wonderful when these things happen. I’m happy for you.

God bless

I too feel the same way as you do,every time I say the Sorrowful Mysteries I medtate,and in my mine I see Jesus going threw his suffering,espeical when Jesus is being nail too the Cross,I piturce a man holding a nail in the palm of Jesus hand,than I see a hammer being raise up and then it comes down onthe nail,than I picturce the look on Jesus face,I get a chill going threw my hold body.
My wife said,s why do you take so long to say the Rosary, I tell her because I mediated on the Mysteries,showing how Devoted I,am too the Holy Rosary which Mary gave for us too pray.
God Bless all that are Devoted too the Rosary.

Thanks for the beautiful story. What you are discribing is Contemplative Prayer. Putting yourself in the occurrence of the action. It goes hand in hand with Contemplative Reading as in Lectio Divina.

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