Yet another "Ask a Pagan Thread"

Hello folks, its a new year and been several months sense the last ask a pagan thread so I figured I’d just throw another one up. I’m a Pagan of the Germanic persuasion, but know my way around modern paganism, both Neo-pagan and reconstructionists. I’m also a history major with some knowledge of classical paganism in Europe and the near East. So, bring questions, arguements, brimstone, or whatever you like. Looking forward to another good thread :thumbsup:

What has led you to choose paganism?

Whenever biblical characters are portrayed in media there is a lot of scrutiny and usually controversy - what would you like to share with people about movies such as Thor? Pagan themes provide a great deal of fodder for video games, too. I can see that it could be deemed disrespectful although it does raise awareness - do you see any positive exposure to paganism in the media?

Do you believe that Thor killed a giant sea snake with his hammer? (I’ve heard things about that)

Hail Mary,full of grace,the Lord is with thee
blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb,Jesus
Holy Mary,Mother of God,pray for us sinners,now and at the hour of our death,amen

Are you pantheist, polytheistic or henotheist?

You have witches and wizards?

I was raised and educated catholic but became a Deistic-agnostic by High school. I eventually became a pantheist and my senior year of High school was introduced to Wicca. I eventually left Wicca and devoted myself specifically to the Germanic pantheon after having several important experiences. I consider myself somewhere between a soft-polytheist and a Neo-Platonism.

Personally I don’t mind much, so long as things arnt mocked. Paganism generally dosnt proselytize so exposure realy dosnt matter to me.

As for Thor, I’m a big Marvel fan and I like it alot, but the comic book hero is very different from the god the Eddas talk about. It’s entertainment. Marvel Thor is as much like the mythological figure as Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter is to the Jesus of the NT.

This is actualy a prophecised event. We believe everyone, including the gods have a fixed fate. According to the Eddas durring Ragnarok (the apocolypse) Thor will battle the Midgard Serpent, kill it, and die from the serpents poison after seven steps. Almost no Pagans take our legends literally, we see them as alagory. This is seen like many other Norse myths, as an alagory for mans struggle to survive against the forces of nature.

I am a soft-polythiest, but there are many other pagan systems. Most other Asatru/Germanic pagans are hard polythiests. Celtics and Wiccans (the more liberal end of the pagan spectrum) tend to be more Soft-polytheist or pantheist.

Our priests and priestesses are Godi’s and Gydia’s respectively. There are also many female seers who work with divination. There were curses and other spells used in the old times (one famouse Viking cursed the entire country of Norway after the Christian king forced him to flee to Iceland.) but few people even know them these days, let alone use them. Generally magic, specifically Seid magic, is considered unmanly and effeminate, so men rarely participate.

What do you mean by “several important experiences?”

Oh, I see. Do you take that battle allegorically? :wink:

Why? :shrug:

Religious experiences. Not quite a burning bush but certainly powerful for me.

Are there still Pagans that believe in the Greek gods or Egyptian gods?

Do I think the universe will end in a titanic clash of good and evil? Yes. The goal of a good Asatruar/Germanic pagan is to go to Valhalla and train to fight beside the gods in the final battle.

Do I think Thor will physicaly fight a giant snake here on earth and a giant battle will take place somewhere in Russia? I don’t know. It’s possible but the gods are spiritual beings. The battle dosnt need to be a physical clash for them to fight it.

does you religion use book? Christians have the bible, Muslims have the Koran, Mormons have the BOH, Hinduism has the Geta.

Yes. The Helenismos are Greek pagans and number in the 10s of thousands in Greece.

There are also Kemetics who worship the gods of Egypt. They are not numerous however.

Skadi, how many deities do you believe there is? also, are any of them eternal?

I was Pagan once, a long time ago.
I used to be one of those who wandered around, looking at religions as if they were coats on a rack. Do I like this one, or that one?

I am also very interested in Native American religion. In particular, Navajo. I spent some time on the reservation learning about their culture ( what’s left of it) and how to weave in their tradition.

Some one once said something to me that made an incredible difference to my life:
They told me that he practiced the religion the Creator had given him. Why don’t I practice the one He gave me? The gist of the comment was that I already had a beautiful tradition and religion that my culture practiced. This religion lived in the context of the place and time I lived. And it was awesome, and enlightening and The Creator wants me to have it. It taught me the things I needed in the world I live in.

It made me realise that the answer was right under my nose. Ruby slippers style. I didn’t need to go anywhere else.God had already given me exactly what I needed in the cultural language I understood. To go elsewhere was to live with half understood truth, to be forever a cultural outcast. I didn’t live in preindustrial Europe. I dont live in Iceland where there is a surviving belief in the old ways. I don’t believe in Paganism like I believe the sun is going to rise in the morning. Praying to Odin is not anything like talking with Jesus.

I still have incredible interest and respect for the Navajo. In fact, more than ever. And it makes me wonder why someone would attatching himself to a culture and religion for which there is no cultural support. Life is hard enough as it is.
I hope this OPoster will mature someday and be open to the incredible beauty and wisdom of his own culture. He needn’t look elsewhere. I would bet he doesn’t live in Iceland, nor is he he an Iron Age Scandinavian.
It is already right under his feet…

There’s no place like home…

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