Yet another assult on Freedom of Expression due to fear of Islam



Notice that the scene also showed the severed head of Jesus, but because it also showed Muhammed, then it had to be pulled. Ridiculous.


Sort of reminds one of the situation with our Pope. News papers and TV in Islamic states can show Jews as pigs, call for the murder of the Pope, the state can ban Bibles, crucifixes, stars of David, and and endless litney of other things but say or do one little thing that upsets the Islamic world and they start a jihad. It would not surprise me to find that it was Islamic hackers who shut down CAF because they don’t like what we are saying here.


Exactly! I was wondering the same thing about the hackers! I remember reading somewhere, it might have been here, about a Catholic church in England that had their website hacked by Muslims.


this forum is NOTHING compared to other forums run by muslim apostates or non-muslims in general. Over there, you don’t see ANY person who respects Muhammad or Islam be it ex-muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Atheist, Deist, agnostic you name it and the worst adjectives are used for Muhammad.


That’s true! Islam and Mohammed are openly ridiculed on those forums! :smiley:


OK, but why aren’t Christians out there protesting this offensive portrayal of the “severed head” of Jesus Christ?


Didn’t they cancel the production?


Sometimes christians make me sick. Instead of sitting around shaking our heads saying tut tut. we should take a more active role in protesting these people who spit in the eye of Jesus. This is one thing i’ll allways admire the muslims for… their willingness to take no c%$p when it comes to their faith. I’ll like to see some jerk walk down the street wearing a T shirt bad mouthing allah or muhammad


Jesus bore the ultimate insults. He was arrested, tried on false charges, beaten and crucified.

He is the example we should follow. Granted, we are not perfect, but this is the type of situation where “turn the other cheek” clearly applies.



Can you see the day when all media and broadcasts come with a statement:

This program has been approved by the local Imams for your enjoyment.


He would be killed in most countries outside the western hemisphere and in some located there. I agree we should all protest people like Rosie O’Donald and the other bimbo on ‘The View’ for their anti-Christian remarks and Madona for her performance where she came down from a cross but we don’t kill or threaten to kill or riot over their outragious behavior. We have a right to protest peaceably and to boycott, no right to act as Muslims do and kill, beat, threaten and riot in the name of religion.


[quote=Article]After its premiere in 2003, the production by Hans Neuenfels drew widespread criticism over a scene in which King Idomeneo presents the severed heads not only of the Greek god of the sea, Poseidon, but also of Muhammad, Jesus and Buddha

I’m so outraged. Clearly Hermes is worse than Poseidon and his head should be there instead. Time to burn down an embassy or two.


yea if people still want to accept being dhimmi in their own lands.

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