Yet another example of mainstream anti-Catholic anti-Christian hate speech

It would seem that being anti-Christian and anti-Catholic is now a part of the mainstream. What would have shocked or been unspeakable a few years ago, is now embraced. John Lennon got in trouble for the comparatively mild statement that the Beatles’ were bigger than Christ. In a sense he was correct as far as commenting on how out of proportion things were becoming. But today attacking Christianity is a the thing to do. And no website illustrates this more than The site has a policy that states: Hate speech: Criticism is not hate speech, but inflammatory comments directed at a particular ethnic group, sexual orientation, gender, religion, etc. are unacceptable and unwelcome on Fark. They ignore this when it come to attacks on the Catholic Church and Christianity. And as would be expected, they chose the Easter Triduum to mock our faith. Please the these posts: (caution – content is offensive)

They linked to an article about Easter from the Houston Chronicle using this tagline:
Christians upset that spring holiday is all about eggs and the Easter Bunny, no longer about celebrating the resurrection of Santa Claus

And article in the NY Times was linked to using this tagline:
Really, when you think about it, this whole uproar over priests molesting kids is just as bad as the persecution of the Jews. At least that’s how the Vatican sees it

One from Yahoo:
Cardinals defend pope on church sex abuse scandal, Mets say they are just butthurt

And finally:
Catholic school pays man $370,000 to go gambling and hire prostitutes and strippers

Not that these are tags supplied by users of the website and the comments are also from users.

Problem is that this hate-filled website counts as its media partners UPI and USA Today.

I have contacted the Catholic League to attempt to get the site adhere to its terms of service, but the League has remained silent. Funny thing is that when Jews or Moslems have been attacked there, I have contacted CAIR and the ADL and they have taken swift and decisive action which has resulted in articles being removed.

So what’s up with us?

Just some thoughts

God bless


When did fark become a mainstream news place? In fact, I think it’s motto is “It’s not news, it’s”. Look at the categories on this site; they don’t take themselves too seriously. Any offensive comments are just users looking for lulz. I wouldn’t be too angry that farkin website :slight_smile:

It’s called freedom of speech. Regardless of how abhorrent it is. Muslims don’t believe in democracy or freedom of speech. That is why fatwas are issued against people that portray Islam in its true light. We have Christ. Let them make fun of us. Remember Christ was ridiculed and he told us we would be too. Don’t let it bother you.

It’s a blessing to be persecuted for His name! :slight_smile:

And then there is what Lynx said! :thumbsup:

Just remember John 15:20.

Remember the words I spoke to you: ‘No servant is greater than his master.’ If they persecuted me, they will persecute you also. If they obeyed my teaching, they will obey yours also.

Iguess we should try to look at it that we’re actually doing something right.

Besides, I looked at some of the other stuff on that website. The whole point is to be cruel and vile. People who obviously lack love like that will of course be offended by the love of Christ.

They have become mainstream when one of their partners is USA Today. I quote from the wikipedia
On November 24, 2009, Fark launched a new partnership with USA Today, as they became the exclusive host and sponsor of Fark’s Geek Page, a collection of technology-related links. This represents the site’s first content partnership with a major media brand. Previously, Curtis had signed a sales only deal with Maxim Online. The page shows aggregated technology news headlines from other news sources with USA Today’s Tech section branding. Its right column displays technology content from USA Today with video clips and a headline widget of’s Tech Live and Game Hunters stories*

First off, how cruel of you to debase our Moslem brothers with your statement!

Second, what you are saying in effect is that we should just sit back and not fight for our faith. I ask you this. Take something very precious to you. Perhaps you are a parent with a child. Maybe you have a niece or nephew you love. How about a local news story ran about that child and this website allowed its users to make snarky comments about the child. You’d feel pretty hurt. Now magnify that hurt to way it hurts to have your faith made fun of. Freedom of speech doesn’t give one the right to hurt others.

The “don’t let it bother you” attitude is a part of what is wrong today. Sometimes a joke is not a joke. Sometimes we must stand up for what is truly right

God bless



The people who lived with Jesus & saw His miracles Crucified Jesus!!!**

"If the world hates you, know that it has hated me before it hated you." (JN 15:18)

Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus!


Agreed. Fark is a humor website. Often crude, and with links I can’t defend, but it has never been a serious source of information.

And I never said it was such … however they do use mainstream news stories to mock us.

It has become a part of mainstream media via USA Today, the publication of a book by the site’s owner, and a now canceled hook up with Turner Broadcasting. Fox News Alan Colmes has it as one of his recommended sites:,2933,214667,00.html

What I’m getting at is that we have lost our sense of respect and civility. Every hurt, every bit of mockery, every taunt is met with ‘Its just a joke’.

Have we not become a society of schoolyard bullies.

God bless


Are you kidding.Lennon hardly got in trouble for bragging that the bedbugs are more popular then Jesus…as to the so called catholic league…dont bother,donohue is a buddy of former mayor Guiliani and that tells the tale there…yes its open season on Truth…as it has been for centuries only it was more subtle then. A recent book…‘the immaculate deception’ is a case in point,reviewed by my local library…a take off on a RCC belief that the mom of Jesus had to be special plus of course,the usual smear against my ethnic background…ie Mafia nonsense and it goes on and on! Jesus warned us that His followers would become the enemies for this is Satans world and so it is proving more and more.Daily viewing on the boob tube prove my point there.Degenerate golf players lampoon the marriage vow and make millions while two army vets in my town struggle to survive,a friend brings them food but their home is in bad shape and so it goes.Well it cant happen here those terrible right wing alarmists used to remark years back with a warning grin…how true. A great president is mocked in the movie…Nite at the museum…and so few take time to complain,I did to the place where the film was made but to no avail…error is on the throne and truth on the scaffold…enjoy the spring…Pas

hmm… certainly there is a more coarseness and lack of charity than I would wish. But I am not sure it is new. The targets simply have changed over the past 40 - 50 years.

But I wish people in politics, in the media, and in general were more charitable, and less judgmental.


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