Yet another Muslim thread

Does anyone know exactly how many Muslims are in the United States?

The size of the Muslim-American population has proved difficult to measure because the U.S. Census does not track religious affiliation. Estimates vary widely from 2 million to 7 million. What is clear, however, is that the Muslim-American population has been growing rapidly as a result of immigration, a high birth rate, and conversions.

According to a 2007 survey by the Pew Research Center, 65 percent of the Muslim-American population are first-generation immigrants, and 61 percent of the foreign-born arrived in the 1990s or this decade. Seventy-seven percent of Muslims living in the United States are citizens, with 65 percent of the foreign-born being naturalized citizens. As a point of comparison, 58 percent of foreign-born Chinese living in the United States are naturalized citizens.


Thanks Jon. I actually thought the number was much smaller.
Now the question for everyone’s consideration:

If the Muslim population in the US is in the millions AND IF a large percentage of Muslims are sympathetic to the terrorists, AND IF the Koran tells them use violence against the infidel…we should be seeing bombs going off every day.
But we don’t.
Doesn’t this, as clear as the nose on your face, fact belie the fear mongering and ‘sky is falling’ rhetoric we have been hearing?
Just asking.

Yes,it does, I’m sure 90% of the real world people agree with you. But these are the Catholic Answers Forums…(I’ll give you 5:1 odds Robert Bay bans me for that)


In case you didn’t get my meaning, you’re spot on. Most Muslims are no different than most Christians, most Jews, most Hindus, most Sikhs, most Buddhists, most Agnostics, most Atheists… They just want to live their lives in peace and prosperity as part of our overall free and open society.

Unfortunately, almost 3000 Americans died because of the actions of Islamic fanatics in 2011. The impact of 9/11 continues and the fear of another attack will yield the acumen of distrust. That is merely human nature. I doubt it will change for some time.

Jews (and Christians) are ordered by the Old Testament not to suffer witches to live. However, I do not know of any Jews, Catholics or other Christians who go around killing witches, tarot-card readers, palm-readers and other witches.

Are the “typical” Muslims any more likely to go around killing those who reject Mohamed as the prophet than we are to obey G_d’s order to kill witches? Or to stone adulterers? In my (admittedly limited) experience, the ordinary Muslim does not kill innocents, but manages to live in our society.

There is a problem with rabid Muslims. It seems that a far greater percentage of Muslims seek to follow the Koran’s commands to kill than we take seriously G_d’s commands in the Old Testament. Maybe we are relieved of that duty by Jesus’ fulfilling the Law, but He did not abolish it. Whatever that means – I do not pretend to understand.

But many Muslims are afraid to speak out against the terrorists. Just as many Germans during WW2 were afraid to speak out against the Nazis. And many subjects under the Soviet Union were afraid to speak out. It takes tremendous courage to speak out and to confront bullies.

I have not idea what you are implying here perhaps you could elaborate.

Perhaps not killing but some of your fellow co-religionists have some…lets call it… interesting ideas regarding what you just stated.

It really doesn’t matter what most Muslims do. What matters is what quite a large number of extremists do. The reason we don’t see more bombs going off is simply a matter of logistics. If they could, they would.

We don’t live in the land of ‘if’. We live in the real world. Fear and paranoia creates the surveillance society we are living in. But the reality is, bombs are not going off, shootings like the kind in Paris are NOT happening.
So what makes the paranoia?

How do you know the paranoia doesn’t help?

paranoia->political pressure->expanding security->less attacks

There are countless attacks and plots that have been foiled by the FBI and other security. We likely only know of a fraction of them. In order to put those measures in place, someone had to be a little bit worried about it.

People aren’t wrong to be worried about millions of people around the world who really do want us dead.

What was 9/11, Garland, Texas and Fort Worth Texas? The threat that the United States is on their list is not going to happen? You live in the “real world” Then you shouldn’t discount the very real threat.

I don’t know. Why don’t you ask France?

I believe I answered your question in my first post. Being attacked by Islamic jihadists is the real world. New York, Fort Hood, Boston, etc. There are plenty of articles all over the web if you wish to research the actual numbers.

I don’t believe a “large percentage of Muslims are sympathetic to the terrorists”… I’ve known Muslims for years that would have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorists… A college roommate of mine was from Allepo Syria and was one of the most respectful and law abiding person you could find.

The Qur’an does not just say “use violence against the infidel”… The verse in question was revealed during a time when the Muslim community was under attack by pagan forces far superior to their own… and the verse granted the Muslims to defend themselves when attacked.

One of my favorite verses from the Qur’an reads:

*“Now hath a light and a clear Book come to you from God, by which God
will guide him who shall follow after his good pleasure, to paths of peace, and
will bring them out of the darkness to the light, by his will: and to the
straight path will he guide them.”
(The Qur’an (Rodwell tr), Sura 5:19 - The Table)

I wasn’t sure CAF needed another Muslim thread but thank you for this.

The 24 hour news cycle. They have to have something to talk about. And fear boosts ratings.

Paranoia helps?!? OMG.
So I should trust the SAME government that lied about ‘weapons of mass destruction’, shreds the Constitution, starts illegal wars, kills people with drone strikes are being truthful about “foiling attacks”?

I don’t think he said that.
He’s saying the number of Muslims in America, compared to the number of actual attacks do not add up to the current response.

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