Yet Another New Protestant Religion Born

I have always wondered why things like this did not get more criticism in the press? The Catholic Chruch takes much criticism for remaining the same, but what about the changes and drifts with all the splits that happen due to human inistance and willfullness?

**Popular alternative splits from Presbyterian Church

May 20, 2005

LOS ANGELES – An alternative worship service that attracted hundreds of new members to one of the most famous Presbyterian congregations in the nation has split with the national Presbyterian Church after months of dissension over management and worship style.

The service, called Contemporary Urban Experience, attracted some 350 new members to the Hollywood First Presbyterian Church in its 2-1/2-year existence. Until the service started, the church’s membership had been in decline for 20 years.

Of course it won’t receive criticism. The media, like the world about it, is completely relativisitc. They see religion as one more thing to be changed at a whim, based on feelings. I’m sure this group seems quite progressive…

Like Benedict XVI said, “The Catholic Church is not a democracy.” Nor should any religion be, but unfortunately the media seems to think the opposite.

Denomination not religion… Big difference.

Besides, Catholics argue and stay together. Protestants argue and slpit into like-minded groups. At lease the Protestants don’t argue (for the most part) that the ones who split are going to hell for it.

Chalk one up to Satan for creating a little more chaos. He will lose in the end though :smiley:

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