Yet another NFP question


Hey Gals, is it a possibility that your breasts can become tender during ovulation? I’ve been trying to do a little bit of charting, but honestly not much b/c I dont want to get overwhelmed with charts/temperatures/mucus, etc and I dont want to end up saying to DH “we have to do it RIGHT NOW, b/c Im ovulating!”. Anyway, I’ve been keeping a few mental notes here and there and was just wondering if this is a possibility. I have been watching for mucus (what a yucky word) changes, and have only noticed a change once during the past 3 cycles. Of course, that was when DH was out of town on business. also, does anyone know anything about the ovulation predictor kits that use your saliva? how accurate they are? what brands are best? etc? thanks gals.


Mine do, so I guess the answer would be Yes, they can.

Sorry I don’t know anything about the kits.


thanks mary. anyone else heard of this happening? anyone know about those ovulation predictors that use saliva?



I don’t use or like ovulation predictor kits. Just me personally. I also use my charts from a health perspective, so it is a little different for me at times. One of my favorite memories during early marriage was saying, “Honey, I’m fertile!” and him with a big grin saying, “yeah, I know!” Such an amazing gift, our fertility.

I usually say ‘cervical fluid.’ It is reminiscent of ‘seminal fluid.’ It keeps them in the same category. EDIT: forgot to add, yes my breasts are always tender at ovulation.


I used to think my breast tenderness started with my ovulation, but after DH and I did a few months of charting, it turned out it starts after I ovulate, after my temperature elevates again, and I reach the infertile period of my cycle.

Everyone is different though. :slight_smile:

As far as finding yourself telling your husband “I’m ovulating RIGHT NOW!”, don’t worry about that. W/ most methods (ie. mucus, basal body temp, etc), you’ll probably know the day, but not the hour, if you catch my drift. This is unless you are one of those women who can actually feel the ovulation occuring.

Of course, the uncertainty doesn’t have to be a bad thing, if you are trying really hard to conceive. :slight_smile:


thanks so much to everyone! i really appreciate the input. This website has been SO much help for me. We have not told any family/friends that we are trying to conceive, and I can not get in to see an OB/GYN until I am pregnant, so I dont really have anyone to bounce these little questions off of. Thanks so much for everyone help.


My breasts get tender the week before I start my period, so in other words, post-ovulation. I also get really emotional and cry at the drop of a hat. This includes that commercial where people are hugging each other and being reunited with family members, I don’t know who the advertiser is but the song goes, “Weeeee belong!” I think it’s a hotel commercial, but anyway, it always makes me tear up.


My breasts are horrifically tender just post ovulation (so says my Babycomp) so much so that I can’t sleep for a few nights and just putting on a bra and shirt are painful. So for me it’s more of a post fertile sign, but everyone is different.

Sorry no experience with the saliva kits.


it looks like most of you have tender breasts AFTER you ovulate, but before your period. Dont most women ovulate something like 14 days after the start of your period? if that is the case, it would make sense for me, b/c my breasts are tender later than 14 days, and like a previous poster mentioned, about a week before my period. I never really paid much attention to any of this stuff, but now that DH and I are ‘not trying to prevent’, it seems like I am watching for any little sign of anything. And my husband is getting funny. I have always loved pickles, but now every time i eat one, he looks at me as says he thinks i am pregnant. and he’s constantly saying, “you look like your ovulating. Lets go!” ha! Real scientific, I know:rolleyes:


We are trying to prevent.

And every month my husband knows when I ovulate. In fact, most times, I say, “my temp just went up.” And he answers, “no kidding!”


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