Yet another you have?


Do you have an 8-track player?

Yes, I do…it’s on top of my record player…

Do you have pickles in the 'fridge?

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Nope. I keep the pickles in the ice box. Do your children wear Buster Browns?

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No children…I remember wearing them as a youngster…so long ago that I’m surprised they still exist…

Do you have an SUV?

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No, but my daughters watch SVU, does that count?

Do you have bangs?

Not enough hair left on top even if i did want them…

Do you have a flannel shirt?

NO, but the hubs does.
Do you have a dickie bow? (what the Irish call a bowtie) Sounds bizarre eh? :shamrock:

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No…never heard it called that before…

Do you have a Dutch oven?

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Nope, a GE. LOL
Do you have a crock pot?

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Yes…we got three of them as wedding gifts [40 years ago]…gave two to the church rummage sale…kept one, but I can’t remember ever using it…

Do you have a cast-iron skillet?

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Of course. Can’t make country fried steak without one, I also use a small one to fry corn tortillas.
Do you have an extra fridge?

Yes…we have a spare in the basement ‘just in case’…

Do you have a wristwatch?

No, I use my iPhone.

Do you have any lace doilies in your house?

Yes, but don’t use them. They were my mother’s. (we have cats)

Do you have dried red chiles in your pantry?

Yes. Very hot.

Do you have ice cream in your freezer?


Do you have a potpourri bowl?

No, can’t stand them!

Do you have scented candles?

Of course.

Do you have a Grandfather Clock?

No. Don’t have grandfathers either.
Do you have the recipe for 7 can soup?

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Do you have a wind chime?


Do you (still) have a typewriter? Stashed away in the attic, maybe?

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