Yet another you have?

No, I wish.

Do you have a cookie jar?


Do you have a Mickey Mouse souvenir?


Do you have a punching bag?

No, but as a child the kids had this bop thing that was inflated and weighted with sand. When you hit it, it came right back up at you.

Do you have a favorite recipe?

Yes, the wife’s Irish stew. Or maybe my Mom’s Goulash.

Do you have at least five boxes of cereal in the kitchen or pantry?

Not even close…we have two boxes of bran that my wife uses in her awesome bran muffins…

Do you have a satellite dish?

No. Never have.

Do you have an old family heirloom?

Not really…the closest thing would be an antique rolling pin that belonged to my wife’s parents…no idea how old it is, but it’s still in use…

Do you have snow on the ground this morning?


Do you have a brass bed?


Do you have an old-fashioned foot brake bicycle?

No. I had one when I was much younger, but I haven’t had a bike in years.

Do you have any volumes of Toynbee’s A Study of History?

Do you have a white dry-erase board?

Yes, a small one.

Do you have a melodica

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Hadn’t heard of it prior to this…

Do you have a thesaurus?

Yes, but I seldom use it.

Do you have a round waffle iron?

Yes…a wedding gift…we’ve used it three or four times in 40+ years…

Do you have a trophy?


Do you have an old transistor radio?


Do you have a camera that uses film?

Yes, although I haven’t used it for years.

Do you have a ticket stub that you saved from a memorable concert?

No. I’ve been to a couple of memorable concerts, but I’ve never kept the ticket stubs.

Do you have a videotape player-recorder?

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