Yet another you have?


Yes, we have a functioning CRT television, and use it daily…we have a spare one in the basement that will be used if/when this one dies…

Do you have a mailbox at the street?


Yes I do complete with the sleeve on the side for the newspaper.
Do you have a flag pole.


No…just a bracket on the front of the house…the neighbor, a retired career Marine, has a large flagpole.

Do you have an adjustable safety razor?



Do you have a straight-edge razor?


No…I’ve been using a safety razor for 50+ years…my Gillette Adjustable lasted for 46 of those years.

Do you have a shaving brush?


Yes complete with a shaving mug that came with the brush. I do not use it much anymore though.
Do you have a bicycle built for two?


No. I don’t have a bicycle built for one, either.

Do you have a birdbath?


Yes I do.
Do you have a “junk” box?


I’ve got a junk drawer.

Do you have a bunch of bananas that are starting to speckle?


Nope…no bananas…we might buy a few once or twice a year for baking.

Do you have a relative who is a politician?


Do you have a hot water bottle?


No, but I really should get one.

Do you have a goddaughter?


I was confirmation sponsor to my sister, but never was godmother to a girl.

Do you have a decorative cookie tin?


We have several…my wife does a lot of holiday baking.

Do you have a first aid kit?


Yep. Nearly everything in it is older than Methuselah and thus needs to be replaced, however. Guess I could do that while I’m picking up the hot water bottle…

Do you have an arm sling?


once when i played David and Goliath i did, but the folks took it away after i broke the window.

my ole man put my arm in an arm holder thing…

do you have a favorite joke, what is it


The only one I remember is about a chicken crossing the road, and not knowing why…

Do you have a flannel shirt?



Do you have any golf shirts?


I don’t , but my children do, as part of their school uniforms.

Do you have an English bulldog?


No I am a big fan of beagles. My previous dog fell in love with Barb the bulldog next door though. :heart_eyes:
Do you have a fish tank?

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