Yet another oldie...RU?


Not so much changing as reducing. My diet is fairly balanced but I eat more of it than I need to.

A hot breakfast doesn’t have to be unhealthy. Porridge/oatmeal is also eaten hot…

RU going to the gym today?


No. I’m very introverted and exercising in front of people is just not something I can do.:frowning:

RU ever forgetful on which thread you’re responding to that you need to look it up?


Yes but I believe with enough self control we can bypass our automatic and habitual tendencies.

TPAM loves living on the edge, :ice_skate: ice skating



TPAM is expecting a package delivery today.


You missed my joke TPAM? :rofl:

No, I received delivery online, an ebook, no pollution though maybe

RU a good sport?


Oh no!!! I answered my own question. :woman_facepalming:t2:



Yes…I am now…something I had to learn over time…

RU the owner of an SUV?


No, I’m not comfortable driving something that big.

RU taking a vacation in the next three months?


I’m on vacation now…I work grounds maintenance at a local golf course, and won’t be returning to work until some time in March. We’re homebodies, so as far as travel during vacation, not very likely…I do more volunteer work during my off-season, and we eat out more often, so my wife gets a ‘vacation’ too…

RU getting together with family for Christmas?



RU hosting any of the get-togethers?


No family here (closest relatives are hundreds of miles away), so no get-togethers.

RU making most of your Christmas gifts this year?


Yes, and have you seen the price of uranium?!

RU thinking of buying new candle stick holders this year?


No. The ones I have now should last a few more centuries yet.
RU fond of riddles?


Yes…always have been…

RU fond of bowling?


No :bowling:

RU a fan of classic films?


Yes I love the game. My first non-farming job was as a pin setter.


RU fond of dogs?


Yes and no. I like them, but I had a bad incident with a dog so I’m uneasy with them. They can sort of tell. My daughter’s friend has a 4 pound Maltese, and even she must sense something. When she sees me she morphs into a mini wolf.

RU in a happy mood today?


So far my day has been a howling success, I’ve been howling all morning

RU tempted to buy one of those dog stunning noise maker thingies?


I’m actually the inventor of the dog stunning noise maker thingies. They’re on sale right now, but one get one at half price (just pay separate for shipping)

RU having a craving for some cantaloupe :melon:?


Really! How amazing is that! Congratulations, you are being serious aren’t you?

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