Yet another oldie...RU?

I try most of the times .

R U going fishing this month?

No but would like to.
RU going to call a friend you haven’t spoken to in a long time, just to say hi this week?

I’d actually been planning on it…thanks for shaking me out of my procrastination…

RU a regular observer of sunrises?

I intend to watch the sun rise every morning. Oftentimes I do, sometimes I wake up too late to do so.

RU going to a concert in the next six weeks? :notes:

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R U going to a concert in the next 7 weeks?

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RU living “off the grid”?

No. But if could I would love to do homesteading, back to nature .Alas, this can not be…I like to see YouTube of people that do. Some cool folk out there. :womans_hat::cow2: :horse: :pig::rabbit2::hatched_chick: :sheep: :goat: :rat:

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i also am not off grid but would like to
ru a you tuber?

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RU a skateboarder?

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Goodness, no :rofl:

RU within ten years of retirement? (either ten years until or ten years since)

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RU a fan of Charles Aznavour ‘s music?

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Not particularly.

RU living within 50 miles (80km) of an ocean? :ocean:

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R U related to an actor or actress?

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RU an uncle/aunt to more than ten nieces and/or nephews?

I don’t have any biological nieces/nephews but I have 5 through marriage. And one step nephew.

RU a fan of Marx Brothers films?

(Edited because I posted the wrong question)

Not particularly. I don’t dislike them, but there are plenty of other things I’d rather spend my time doing than watching these films.

RU epileptic?

No…as far as I know, there is no epilepsy in the family.

RU a registered voter?

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Not at the moment, but only because I forgot to re-register this year (my last US state of residence requires absentee voters living overseas permanently to register annually even if we haven’t relocated in the interim).

RU forgetful?

Ah, I don’t remember
Yes, sometimes
RU near a French MacDonald

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They’re all over the place here, but the closest one is still too far to go to on foot.

RU a Postcrosser?

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