Yet another oldie...Which do you prefer?


Ice cream: chocolate or vanilla?


If it’s real full fat French Vanilla - vanilla. Otherwise, chocolate.


The idea is to give a response, and then ask another question…

French vanilla

Music: Classical or jazz?



straight up or on the rocks?


Straight up - I don’t like it when the ice melts. Generally, though, I only drink beer and ciders, where the decision isn’t made.

Mountains or beaches?



Pie: apple or peach?



Cats or dogs?


Dogs, though I like cats too.

Draft beer or bottled beer?



French Vanilla.

Alcohol, distilled (hard) or fermented (wine/beer)?


Bottled beer.
Red or white wine?


Definitely fermented…I’ve been making beer for 35 years.

Barbecue: pork or beef?


To hopefully get us all on one line:

No preference


Summer or winter?


Red and dry…

Barbecue: pork or beef?


Summer…I don’t have to shovel rain…
[We’re back on the same line.]

Fiction: sci-fi or mystery?


Mystery set in a sci-fi universe. (Yeah, yeah, I know, that’s a cop out. However, I love when mystery stories are set in more fantastical universes.)

For sleeping: back or side?



I prefer to sleep on my stomach, but arthritis limits me to sleeping on my back.

Summer fun: motorcycle or convertible?





Pet: Cat or Dog?



Wake-me-up: coffee or energy drink


I prefer a nice, long walk…wakes me up every time…
[My body doesn’t tolerate caffein…]

Summer fun: motorcycle or convertible?



Reading: paper or ebook?

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