Yet another set of Latin Questions

I’ve been wondering (and I’m just starting out to learn Latin), whether there are any change in words for gender.

Lets take, for example, “Fidei Defensor”. If a woman were a defender of the faith, is she also Fidei Defensor or does it change due to gender? I’ve spoken other languages where this is the case.

I’d also like to know who considers themselves reasonably fluent in Latin. I have another question or two that you might be able to help me with.

Hi Diane,
Yes there are masculine, feminine and neuter genders in Latin.

There are different genders in Latin, but a noun stays the same whether it is speaking of a man or a woman. A adjective always agrees with the noun. Even if a woman is called “defensor fidei”, it would still be masculine.

I wouldn’t call myself an expert on latin, but I do know the grammar after two semesters and going into my third semester.

“defensor” -oris m

It’s an inherently masculine word. However, note:

defenstrix -tricis f


mediator -oris m
mediatrix -tricis f

Also, note:

praeses -sidis c
protector, defender; c = either gender

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