Yet another 'Was my confession valid?' thread

Hehehe sorry:o, but I just have to know…I went to Sunday Mass over at a different parish, but one that I am quite familiar with. Turns out that confessions were the previous day. But feeling that I shouldn’t wait any longer, and that I was desperate to receive our Lord in Holy Communion, I bulked up, and dared to approached the priest-a nice and fair old man in my opinion-RIGHT BEFORE MASS:eek: I begged him to hear my confession. He said “Oh boy you are quite late arent you?” I nodded and out of nowhere he raised his hand over me and said “Let me absolve you from your sins. God the Father of Mercies…” Then I was confused, I thought I was supposed to listen to my sins first. But ‘going with the flow’ I bowed my Head, and he blessed and absolved me. The I returned to my pew, said my penance and continued on.
What I want to know is was my confession valid? Again all he did was say the absolution prayer and absolved me from my sins.

I’ve hesitated on this one, because I don’t participate in confession threads (not usually at least).

Here’s the thing: the absolution was valid, but there was no confession. So, yes, you were absolved of your sins.

Priests sometimes do this because of just the circumstances you’ve described. In a situation like that, you should go to confession as soon as you reasonably can.

this is a “was my absolution valid” question and yes it was. the next time you go to confession and it should be soon you should for your own peace of mind tell those mortal sins again, but yes you were absolved. Next time just plan your time better but we have all been caught up short that way–so have most priests.

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