Yet More Catholic-Bashing From NPR

On their so-called “comedy” show this morning, NPR’s “Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me,” host Peter Sagal called Pope Benedict a “gay icon” and a “smelly old man.” I’ve just fired off a message to NPR about this, and would invite anyone else bothered by this to do the same. Not that we would expect much else from NPR.

What does NPR stand for? (for us non-american people here :smiley: )

This is why I never listen to NPR. The only way they’d retract that remark would be someone prominent in the Church to address it, and it seems Catholic Bashing is fashionable now. Just the other day I saw a clip from MSNBC saying that all three Republican candidates were “in a cult” including Catholics.

I reached into the snake pit, and was bit. Imagine that. "NPR" is an Orwellian term. It is National Government Radio. He who provides the ammunition calls the shots.

Judicial Activism is what is needed. Catholic Bashing needs to be turned into ‘Hate Speech.’ This is where the Gay Lobby started to get *special *privileges. If one assaults a Gay person it is a Hate Crime with attendant penalties. If one assaults my Catholic grandmother it is just a crime. None of this ‘Special Protection’ stuff should have ever been permitted to start in the first place. There were already Laws on the books that dealt with crime. We need to fund our own ACLU - Activists for Christian Liberties Union. The current, IMHO, **infamous **ACLU certainly does not support my agenda! Does it yours?

The hand is writting on the wall gentlemen.

The question needs to be asked - "Just how much longer are ‘Liberal Catholics’ going to be voting for Democrats? It is **indeed **the Democratic Party (note the Campaign contributions to Obama by Planned Parenthood) that is putting forth all the anti - Catholic Legislation - yes?

Proove me wrong. I am no lover of Republicans. Republicans have let us down in the past. However in terms of the fundamental ‘core values’ the Democrats are indeed anti - Catholic. Ahmmmmmm?

NPR is a joke. Look at what it did to Juan Williams. Yet NPR continues to get Public Monies yes? To fund the Democrat agenda - yes? Hello? Am I wrong? :rolleyes: Something smells there - eh wot?

[quote="Tarpeian_Rock, post:1, topic:277527"]
host Peter Sagal called Pope Benedict a "gay icon"


I would respond "Really? The Pope? He seems very supportive of a one man-one woman marriage for a so-called 'gay icon.'"

[quote="Tarpeian_Rock, post:1, topic:277527"]
and a "smelly old man."


How would anyone smell the pope? :confused:

Perhaps you are referring to Chris Matthews’ refuting Glenn Beck’s assertion that Matthews (who is, I think, a loudmouth, among other things) said that both Catholicism and Mormonism were “cults.” As Matthews himself is a Catholic (though of the “cafeteria” sort) it would be strange if he referred to his own religion as a “cult.”

Here is Matthews refuting Beck:

[quote="followingtheway, post:6, topic:277527"]
I would respond "Really? The Pope? He seems very supportive of a one man-one woman marriage for a so-called 'gay icon.'"

How would anyone smell the pope? :confused:


It occurred to me that this could be a smart-alecky reference to the story that came out this week about the Pope commissioning a "custom scent":

Hmmmmmmmm… There is this:

and this

Yes - it does indeed appear that Matthews is a ‘caffeteria Caltholic.’ I have to ask - are advocates for abortion in reality - Catholics? Rather are they not wolves in sheeps clothing?

Ergo - whatever Matthews says regarding Catholicism is circumspect to me. Methinks it not incorrect to say he is of the Sebellius/Pelosi variety. A ‘Politcial Catholic.’ That is, IMHO, a Catholic in name only for purposes of deluding Catholic voters.

Yes, that was the “news story” the program used as the launch pad for its despicable comments about the Holy Father.

This is not new. KCET, public television in LA, in 1991 aired “Stop the Church”

When I heard that statement I was so utterly offended that I immediately changed the channel and removed the NPR preset from my car radio. And I'm not even a good Catholic. I'm going to write to my congressional representative and demand they remove funding from NPR as soon as possible. I don't want my tax dollars used to fund this hate speech.

If someone has the text of that comment I'd like to add it to my letter.

NPR should be ashamed of themselves. There was no call for this kind of garbage on the public airwaves.

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