A while back I wrote that I had been meeting with my Grandpa’s hospise minister regarding the anti-Catholic “Bible-Study for Dedicated Catholics” on his official website. We just finished our most recent meeting and he finally agree that he would pull the link until he had time to research real Catholic teaching further. His argument was always based on what many Catholics “he knows” believe, and with our limited time, I was able to demonstrate that he was presenting, in his study, imaginary doctrines and isolated proof-texts that really distorted the truth. He’s agreed to stop in here and read some of the tracts and visit the forums, but my main hope was that the holy Spirit would move him to remove a very dangerous study, which any “dedicated Catholic” would quickly denounce. You may access it here: www.4seekers.com before he removes it. I’ll check back a few times in over the next couple weeks to remind him, but hopefully he was sincere. Please pray for this man, who goes under the psuedonym Timothy Cross.


That’s awesome!


Good work!!!


Good Job!!! You’ve taken on an awesome task. It isn’t always easy to deal with people who “know” what Catholics believe…Keep up the good work.


You should ask him if you can write a “Bible Study for Dedicated Catholics” for him to post (which, BTW, refutes his assertions point by point). Who knows? Maybe he’ll let you!

Well done, good and faithful servant!





That is an extremely dishonest and underhand Bible study which that person produced. It is so deceptive, but of course you could completely turn around his questions and give catholic PROOF texts, or tell him to put a link to a few good catholic sites up beside his bible study- after all if he feels he is telling the truth, what has he to fear.

all in all.
Good work.


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