Yo bro!


:)Which biblical person or saint would you like to have as your brother or sisteR?


Ooh, that's tough. Saint-wise, probably Saint Therese of Lisieux or Saint Faustina.


I want Padre Pio to be my big brother. :cool:


The Apostle John, no doubt. Gentle, deep yet direct.


“my sis mother teresa”, haha, i like that


St. Peter -- he falls into all four categories.

A guy whose shadow can heal folks, and he's not afraid to cut off an ear! (Just kidding.)


I don’t feel I can answer the poll for one simple reason.

Each and every person who has lived and is now in heaven or purgatory is already my brother and sister. That includes our eldest brother named Jesus.
Those who have written things down, have done so for my benefit just as a loving sibling should. Those who did not write anything down still support me (and you) with their prayers before the throne.



probably Job or St. Francis of Assisi or St. Thomas Aquinas


St. Augustine of Hippo


[quote="blaiselfd5, post:5, topic:177913"]
"my sis mother teresa", haha, i like that


I second!


For me, probably St. Thomas More. I would love to have him as a mentor or spiritual director.


Saint brothers - I'd like about 4:

Joseph - kind, patient protector.
Peter - to go fishin' with.
Paul - learned writer.
Benedict - holy, sensible.

All of them loving.:heart:


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