Yoga alternatives


concentration and focus is not ipso facto Hinduism.


I agree. The thing is that for people whose consciences are bothered by it there are abundant classes in yoga but almost none in physiology of stretch. If I were a physical therapist or exercise physiologist I would offer one. Strictly the science of stretch. Like Swedish Gymnastics that possibly influenced yoga.


There are selfish, competitive, jealous, gossipy people everywhere, it’s nothing unique to yoga studios. Have you even been in a church golf league?


Info on the origin of Halloween:


shrug. If I were the OP I definitely wouldn’t fly to India to practice Yoga with very religious Yogis. I think we can all agree on that.


Very happy you are in remission! As for your dilemma…you already solved it. You called it exercise.


And that’s why it’s hard to join any class. It’s always like going back to high school. I perhaps have a very jaded view of groups; it’s always social warfare. When I visit my extended family, I have to watch what I say very carefully. By the end of the evening, I’m exhausted. And then I’ve still received phone calls afterwards which indicated somebody was offended. I gave my sister-in-law a compliment on her very clean house, and that backfired too. You can’t win. For the OP, who has overcome adversity, it’s much more peaceful to exercise with one person in my view.


Who care about what yogis in India think?


There are people who take offense at EVERYTHING !!!


Yes, there are Catholic alternatives.

Soul Core

and Pietra Fitness


My mom loved to bake. She was good at it.

As a Christmas gift, I as a teenager, went to a high end book store and with my own meagre money bought her a very upscale expensive cook book.

My dad told me I had insulted her because I was implying that she was no good as a cook.

I loved my dad, but he HATED books. We think he suffered from dyslexia. And hated reading. Mom loved to read.


The inventor of Pilates was the child of a gymnast and a naturopath. It’s not based on military training - he was imprisoned during WWI by the Brits and based it off what they could do in the camp for exercise with limited space and little to no equipment.

Which concerns me not a whit.


Those are Pagan practices! :rofl:

(Sarcasm alert).



Man, why you gotta play the heathen card?


Well, since it’s medical, maybe look into physical therapy? And there are exercise programs that aren’t yoga- maybe look up the places?


Just being a good CAFer! :smiley:


I also have “back problems”, and yes, stretching is one of the best things. The pain comes and goes, as you might know, but a physical therapy program through my local hospital really helped with additional leg pain that feels like neuralgia. And it’s not yoga!


The thing is, not everyone’s insurance will pay for that sort of thing…

Yoga is not a sin any more than buying Halloween candy is. And it’s the belief of many scholars that Christ was not born in December (there’s not much flock watching going on in winter, even in the Middle East), so it’s not any more of a sin than celebrating 25 December is.

In short - it’s not sinful.


Dedicate all of your yoga postures to Christ and you’ll have no dilemma. Many blessings!


Because that’s where yoga came from.

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