Yoga alternatives


So what? A lot of things came from a lot of places. Geometry came from pagan sources. Does that mean we can’t us it?


Yoga is in it’s nature part of the religion of hinduism inherently. Those poses are actually poses of false gods (demons)


You may have missed the hole in my cheek.
“Death by association” fallacy was really the theme.


I’m a huge advocate of using the TRX system. There is so many exercises that you can do with it and it’s suitable for both the novice and expert.

You can even set one up at home in some cases, depending on the height available. Though I do recommend taking a sessions with a trainer that can help guide you on proper form and technique.


Look up the origins of 25 December and when Christ was probably actually born. Then come back and tell me how doing yoga is a sin.

Oh and don’t celebrate Halloween either.


There is actually scriptural evidence to suggest the Christ was in fact born on December 25th. Protestants use the “Catholics celebrate the birth of Christ on December 25th because of pagans” argument all the time.


So when I’m doing yoga poses to help my back and I’m praying while I do it, I’m doing something inherently demonic?


No, it was agreed upon around 330 AD-ish. And as shepherds aren’t out in the dead of winter anywhere, it’s unlikely December is correct.

(I’ve been in the Middle East in December. No Bedouin was out with their flock - it does get cold there in the dead of winter. So that adds to the plausibility.)

It doesn’t stop me from revering the day, as that’s what’s been designated.


No, you’re not.


I’m Catholic, my friend. A Catholic who reads a lot.


There is nothing wrong with doing yoga as a Catholic. It is exercise, plain and simple. You can take any activity and give it religious tone. You can swim and pray at the same time, to some other god, for example.

I know some people who say the rosary while they do their yoga exercises. Perfectly fine.

Congrants on your survival and remission. Keep up the yoga, if it is good exercise for you. Take care of your body.


The position is demonic, yes.


I know that, but I don’t think semper knows that.


And there we go!


This really is disgusting. I can’t believe this is your attitude. I guess I see why you questioned my presence here in an earlier thread.


Dude, seriously. Knock it off. Please.


It’s true.


No, it isn’t. It’s not true. So please stop propagating myths.




So you think this is demonic?

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