so, this might be a repeat question, and sorry if it is, but does the Church have an official position on Catholics doing yoga? i’ve been practicing it for a few years now, purely for the health aspects-i do other sports and the stretching has definitely lead to huge improvements in these sports. i know that yoga started as a hindu/buddhist spirituality, and some aspects of that are obvious in my practice. i dont pay much attention to that stuff, mostly zone out, or if i’m mentally all over the place, i might meditate or say hail mary’s in my head to focus. i dont feel like i am worshiping false idols or anything, i was just wondering what the Church teaches about this.

Document signed by Joseph Ratzinger.

To summarize: yoga is fine, but one must take care that authentic Christian prayer life is not obscured or replaced by the practice of yoga. Some might prefer to stay away.

Here is a good video to watch

There is another good one located here on Christian meditation


Excellent EWTN show on this topic. They do a great job of explaining why Christianity and Yoga are incompatible, and why there is no such thing as “Christian Yoga.”

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