Yorubas in Mexico

Merry Christmas all,

I have a situation with a Friend in Mexico that was baptized Catholic, however there is a movement or new religion that is finding its way into our country since 1990’s

She met this Babalao (Some kind of priest) from the Yoruba Religion. Somehow they are mixing catholic saints with worship rituals, (Santeria) that has been difficult to separate in the Mexican culture.

Can anyone explain more what they are, how to discuss the truth and approach my friend?


Just doing some quick research (so take this what you will), I found this website done by Yoruba, which explains their beliefs:


As for how to approach your friend, keep in mind that when faith is connected to a national heritage or identity, bad things usually follow, and emotionalism might be connected, so be firm in your faith but understanding. Study what scripture says about dealing with the dead and consulting with those who have passed on, and especially about scriptural teachings concerning animal sacrifices in the new covenant (the Epistle to the Hebrews would benefit you in this regard).

Excellent suggestions thanks.

Now, It might be harder to establish foundations if she does not accepts fully the authority of the Bible.   Will see how that goes. 

 I might have to deal first with a general christian apologetic from the existence of One God, to the necessity of Revelation, the teachings of a very interesting man that lived 2000 years ago that could walk on water, resuscitate the dead and come back to life himself, to the foundation of the Church by Christ for the ages to be.

Always bring her back to the Gospel, and let that be the foundation of your love, not the chance to win an argument (not that I’m implying that’s your intention, of course).

If she has issues with the authority of God’s writ, that would be the most major hurdle to deal with. Ask her in as gentle terms as possible who is the real authority to her: God, or the Yoruba religion. If she can’t demonstrate that Yoruba is from God, why follow it?

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