You ain't black, says Biden

This is so …democrat.


Why is this not being called out by every news outlet as the racism it is? Why is there zero outrage from … well anyone?


I am sure Fox will have a cow.
It is hard to forget 3 years of Trump rallys with the same few black attendees. The guy standing behind Trump is semi-famous

He just made a terrible mis-tatement…


You’d think after his comments about 7/11s years ago, but telling a prominent democrat to avoid touching on race is like telling the dog to avoid chasing the cat.


What is the point of him saying this? Trying to shame the handful of black voters who are considering voting for his opponent?


Pretty much. Hive mindset. A borg-like collective.


There’s more than a handful, there’s a movement headed by Candace Owens - #Blexit. I think Joe might be worried.

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I did a Google search for “black man at trump rally.”

I found a recent Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll that measured his support among black Americans at 14% (which is actually higher than I expected, given the black people I know, but it’s still pretty low). I think Biden’s probably more worried about black voters not showing up at the polls on election day.


I’ve not bothered to read the articles, but many major news outlets do have stories about it.

Not sure. The entire interview is 18 minutes long. Biden talks a lot.

C.t.G. starts off saying that he is going to ask biden about black issues. The Pandemic was part of the discussion, and Biden talked about the disproportionate effect that it has had on Black people than white people in the USA along with some of the underlying contributing factors.

C.t.G. also did reference something Sean Combs said about democrats feeling like the black vote is there’s to be taken for granted and asked Biden for his position on that. Biden expressed that he has support.

C.t.G. asked him to admit that the Crime bill did a lot of damage to the black community. Biden said it wasn’t the crime bill. It was a drug bill. He went into some details before they ran out of time.

I asked s few black people for their thoughts, (not that this is a representative group) one of which is a regular listener of “The Breakfast Club” another being an occasional listener. The over all sentiment was that while they don’t particularly like Biden, there is no way they are voting for that other guy. (Some of the responses were rather colorful, but I dont think community guidelines would allow me to share them).

In short, Anyone that isn’t Trump 2020.

I also found an article that said that support for the president was higher among black males than black females (where it’s around 6% aka the basement). So what support he has in the black community seems to be found more among men than women.

In short, Anyone that isn’t Trump 2020.

That is basically the only reason that anyone seems to want to vote for Biden. Kind of pathetic, really. Whenever he does anything terrible (and he is terrible - a racist, a rapist, and a war monger) all I see is people saying that he isn’t Trump, or that to even criticise Biden is to defend Trump. Seems like a pretty big condemnation of America’s political system really. His campaign motto might as well be “I am not Trump.”


If you saw the other Democratic candidates then you know they could have done far worse. (Incidentally I don’t think he’s done any of the nasty things you accuse him of, although he is guilty of plagiarizing a speech by one of your Labor party leaders.)

Might as well have said to a black voter “look at your skin color, I own you boy.”


Out of genuine curiosity, who do you think was worse? Do you think Biden was the best overall?

For the purposes of winning the election, yes, on the grounds that the Democrats need to win back the working class democrats who voted for Trump in rust belt states. Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and even Pete Buttigieg would only appeal to people in Cambridge, MA or Berkeley, CA - college towns. Warren in particular would be so close to running Hilary Clinton again that it beggars belief anyone was tempted to do it.

You didn’t ask me, but my two cents is that Democrats had a chance this year for a real progressive, maybe even a shot at single payer healthcare, and they blew it. Personally the “pro choice” platform is a dealbreaker, but I just can’t see what the party’s raison d’etre is at this point.

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Biden IF he should win ,would e nothing more than a figurehead. The Wizard with others’ behind the curtain ,controlling everything.
He their guy because they in spite of their claims

of being the party of inclusion,in the end had to settle for an even older white guy that is current,y POTUS. :roll_eyes:


Yep. Couldn’t pay me any sum to vote for Trump or Biden…both are shameful jokes.

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