You ain't black, says Biden

Bring people into line? Who?

Back in April?

Must you combat everything? I thought it was interesting from the NY Times. No agenda stated or implied. Do you have a reason to disagree with their findings? Perhaps you believe Biden is doing better with non-whites, or Trump better with women than they found? Or were you just posting for the sake of posting?


Thomas Sowell, Clarence Thomas, TERFs…

That seems to be fairly prevalent amongst anti trumpers’

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I just wonder if all these comments make Joe Biden a “deplorable”.


No problem! Ask me any time!

There was a sequel to the Manga “Death Note” that had an appearance by Trump. For those unfamiliar, Death Note is a story about a human getting their hands on a grim reapers notebook (grim reaper is the closest western concept to what this being was). Writing someone’s name in it while thinking of them they die. There is even some latitude in choosing the time and manner of some one’s death. If no manner is specified they simply have cardiac arrest.

In the Death Note sequel the comic closes with the book being passed off to Donald Trump.

On a lighter note, a representation of Trump was also present in the cartoon “The Queens’s new Corgi”

Hey, then I can guess your real name…

I’m guessing the sheeple…

While Trump has walked out of a couple of press conferences - he has been more accessible to the press than Obama, Bush and just about any president in my 60 plus years. Even before the pandemic - and even as WH press conferences were not held. He makes himself available and takes questions. Personally, I am not sure why he has not walked out more often … how many times can one answer questions from the press that are essentially “Have you stopped beating your wife?” questions over and over.

Contrast the WH pressers to NY Gov pressers … Cuomo can issue executive orders that cause senior citizen to contract COVID-19 and die - the press lionize him and act as if he walks on water and he is never asked about his bad decisions that caused deaths - plus its probably all Trumps fault anyway. We do know that Cuomo wants you to report on your neighbors - but just not his Covid positive brother- who violate social distancing … Oh yes -then there is this tid bit of info - Cuomo is single and available and has been tested for COVID-19 with a large Q-tip swab … thanks CNN - wonderful reporting. And Cuomo never walks out.


Biden is hopeless. Period.


I read what you wrote after having watched a show Thursday or Friday about those demographics.
I looked at the date on your article and it was April.
We know polls are just a snapshot in time. Mine was a passing comment about the recent snapshot.
No need to hyperventilate

Biden is a decent human being. To many of us that distinction is not hopeless or meaningless

What’s a TERF?

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I watched the interview. Biden isn embarrassing and pandering politician who insults the African American community with his arrogance. and elitism.

“Come on, man!”


Insult the community? Probably not. Some individuals, maybe.

Trans Excluding Radical Feminist–i don’t know why radical is in there–even JK Rowling was accused of being a TERF…

Well thanks. Why not radical? Even a few more adjectives of sinister or diabolical maybe. Lol.
Trans excluding also? That took the conspiracy mills some overtime pay to add that. Frankly, my age is showing when I cannot figure out how trans excluding and femanist go together. That is so far removed from my Sesame Street lessons about," three of these things, belong with the other."

How can you not know about this stuff? How can I know more than you about feminism! [ETA: just kidding around–sorry Maximus that I sounded serious :frowning: )

First, there are some women who consider themselves or who were formerly considered feminists who are not on board with the idea of men “becoming” women.

Hence, trans-excluding.

I am just curious about why they stuck radical in there as if all trans-excluding feminists were radical feminists instead of feminists of various kinds.

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