You attend a parish that has 4 Sunday Mass times

And, at all four of them the choir director partakes in the Eucharist.

Is this approved by the Catholic Church?

Typically in ordinary situation, there is no need to receive Holy Communion more than 1x per day… maybe it’s a better idea to pay more attention to how we are receiving God the first time than how many times :slight_smile:

We are allow to receive 2x, and 2nd time within context of Mass.

Code of Canon Law 917 “A person who has received the Most Holy Eucharist may receive it again on the same day only during the celebration of the Eucharist in which the person participates, with due regard for the prescription of Canon 921, 2.

If you are feeling like you might die, then even if you receive before you are encourage to receive again for total of 2x… the idea is to make convenient if someone feel they are in danger but not to make receiving so many times necessary… its better to receive 1x and concentrate on what that receiving is and do for you.

God bless. Pawel OMI

If you’re asking whether it is permitted for any person to receive the Eucharist four times in a day, setting aside cases where he’s in danger of death, etc., then the answer is no.


I can not change this practice that has been going on in this parish for decades.
What is my moral obligation if any, regarding this issue?

Just curious, but the last big parish I attended (6 Masses on Sunday plus one on Saturday evening) has different choirs with different directors every Mass. Should a parish this size have more than one choir director on Sundays?

Remember that most Catholics are not familiar with this bit of Canon Law, and unless you know otherwise I would give the choir director in question the benefit of the doubt. If you have a good relationship with said choir director, perhaps charitably bringing it to his/her attention would do the trick. Our adult faithful are in great need of catechesis these days.

I don’t know that you have a “moral obligation,” per se, but it is certainly a spiritual work of mercy to instruct the ignorant (though doing so should certainly be done with gentleness and reverence). If you do bring it up with this person, and he/she refuses to listen to you or research further, then you’ve certainly done your part.

The parish I attend has ONE choir director. And she has been there for decades.

They don’t have 6 masses on Sunday, only 4.

And, she does all the funerals and a ton of weddings also.

Our parish has only 2 Masses on Sunday and one on Saturday and each choir group has their own director. I’m just saying, if you have 4 on Sunday that already means its a rather big parish already. I’m just surprised there’s not more than 1 parish director.

She must simply work smarter and harder to do it all. She and her husband also handle the couples who wish to be married.
Got to hand it to her, she does it all for many.
But, does that mean she can receive Holy Communion as often as she does?

As answered earlier, no.

I know some people especially from the choir don’t want to be seen as not receiving Communion because of who they are in the Church. If that is the reason why one receives Communion even for the first time in a day, they shouldn’t receive at all even if they are in a state of grace.

I think I understand what you are saying about what grace really is. At least a part of what it is.
Hope you have a peaceful weekend

State of grace means someone is living in grace, in full, perfect communion with God and with the Church. It means one has no mortal sins they have not repented from and have been absolved via the Sacrament of Penance, or washed away by Baptism.

This is a pre-requisite before receiving any of the other Sacraments (Eucharist, Confirmation, Matrimony, Holy Orders). So if one is in a state of grace they can receive the Eucharist. But if one person receives the Eucharist because of their role in the parish and they do not want to be seen as not receiving Communion because they think it will cause scandal, then they shouldn’t be receiving Communion at all despite being in a state of grace. We should receive Communion because of our desire for its graces, to make us one with Christ and His Church.

I don’t mean to judge this person and say that this is indeed the reason why they receive. But its either that or they are poorly Catechized about the disciplines of the Church.

unless you are the choir director or pastor you have no obligation of any kind. you might simply ask the priest for clarification as a point of information, not criticism, but as you say the situation is not likely to change anyhow.

Just curious, but how do you know she is partaking in communion at all four masses on Sunday? Are you a member of the choir?

Why would I have to be a member of the choir to attend all 4 Masses?:shrug:

Hey puzzelannie,

I did ask the pastor about this today. He really really did not want to talk about it. But, he knows I send a check there every week for a while now, go to Mass more than most catholics ever do, go to adoration, and actually read up on the Church Fathers, and do my best in that way.

He said that he never “NOTICED” this before my bringing it to his attention, and that he will get back to me.

I hate to laugh out loud now, but I am.

In that priest’s defense, he might not have noticed it. Priests don’t keep “mental checklists” of who has gone to Communion over the course of a weekend. If there are deacons or extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion helping to distribute, the priest might not be the one to bring Communion to the choir at all 4 Masses. He might have been completely honest in saying that he never noticed—in the sense that he never “took notice of it, and thought about it” Personally, I never thought about it myself until I started participating on CAF and noticing that people were asking this question. Only at that point did I start to look back and ask myself “were choir members receiving too many times and I never noticed this?” Since it honestly never occured to me, I can see the same happening to another priest.

He said that he will get back to you. Please wait until he does that and see what happens.

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