“You can’t grow in what you don’t have.” We must have God’s life within us

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My friend prays for the perseverance of those in RCIA and also for fallen away Catholics.
Father John Anthony Hardon, S.J. once said, “You can’t grow in what you don’t have.” We must have God’s life within us.
What a tremendous waste when we are not in a state of grace.
Please enlighten me on how Protestants go to Heaven just from Baptism. What about mortal sin? Is perfect contrition their only hope? Please be clear and concise. This is very important for me to understand. Thanks.

I think it’s Baptism + Perfect Contrition + Invincible Ignorance, or some combination thereof (the first two probably being essential.)

What, specifically, do you think Protestants are lacking? Do they not have God’s life within them?

Well, Baptism gives one God’s life. Baptism causes one to be born again and infused with Faith, Hope, and Charity. So, what RPRPsych said is correct.

We lose sanctifying grace by committing mortal sins. This means the soul is spiritually dead because it is no longer united with God.
How is one healed of mortal sin through a priestless Christianity?

I suppose it would all depend of the protestant person themselves in their innocense and upon how God wants to show mercy to them. We really don’t know but could only guess because God can work outside the sacraments and in any way he wishes to.

The only idea that I am aware of that the church has put forward is that those who know better and do not join the church are in a bad way. Others who try to live a good life as they know it and do not know to join the church for good excusable reasons, then they can be saved but that is an affair that is in God’s hands.

So it would seem to me that it is basically in God’s hands how this life of God grows or is regained once baptism is received, whether by water, desire, or blood. I would think that it would depend a good deal on their disposition and upon God’s inclinations toward them.

May God our Father give you grace and peace.

I can’t speak for protestants, but Lutherans participate in the mean of grace, in the word of God, and the sacraments of Baptism, confession/Holy Absolution, and the Eucharist.

We do not consider our communion “priestless”, but have no doubt that, by divine law, our priests are validly ordained.


Greetings in Christ Googler,

Protestants go to Heaven the way we Catholics go to heaven. God takes us up to heaven during our Baptism.

The NEW spiritual position of a Catholic or a Protestant after Baptism on the spiritual position of the Body of Christ, which is IN CHRIST:

By prevenient grace, God has justified them, re-created them, they are born again and sanctified.

God also simultaneously delivered them from the spiritual position of the fall IN ADAM to the spiritual position of the Body of Christ, which is IN CHRIST JESUS.
These are God’s parts to do in our Baptism into Christ.

Below we can see the fine details of the work of God in our Baptism:

a. RE-CREATED/BORN AGAIN:- At our re-creation God has MADE us sons of God. – Ez.36:26-27; Eph.2:1; Col.2:10-13.
From SPIRITUAL DEATH God has made us SPIRITUALLY ALIVE IN CHRIST JESUS. – Eph.2:1; Col.2:13; 1 Cor.15:22b.

This above is THE FIRST step in baptism. God makes the candidate SPIRITUALLY ALIVE IN CHRIST. – This first step in baptism, enable the candidate to receive the things from the Spirit of God.

b. Conversion into Christianity is always a two person job.

  • One is a Christian who explains the Word of God to the candidate.

  • The other person is God who gives His gift of formed faith, by His prevenient grace opens the candidate’s heart and mind and prepares their will to freely accept the gift of formed faith. – Canon 4 Council of Orange (529 AD); John 6:44-45.

c. JUSTIFIED:- At our justification God has DECLARED us just and declared us to be sons of God. – Rom.3:24.

d. SANCTIFIED:- At our sanctification God has MADE us holy. – 1 Cor.6:11; Rev.1:5.

e. God has taken us out from the power of darkness/Satan’s kingdom and raised us up together, and made us sit together IN THE HEAVENLY PLACES IN CHRIST JESUS – Eph.2:6; Col.1:13.

To clearly understand our Baptism:-

At the BEGINNING of God’s work/process in our baptism we are IN ADAM and we are on the spiritual position of the fall in the kingdom of Satan.

At the COMPLETION of God’s work/process in our baptism we are sit together IN THE HEAVENLY PLACES IN CHRIST JESUS, we are on the spiritual position of the Body of Christ and we have the mind of Christ. – 1 Cor.2:12-13, 15-16.

We are inserted into the Body of Christ by our baptism and become members united to the Head, so that while our feet may be on earth we are already in heaven.” End quote.
The above quote taken from a public letter of Paul Maloney OSA Written September 19th 2012

Catholics and Protestants have exactly the same baptism with the same outcome, which is: “While our feet may be on earth we are already in heaven.” By prevenient sanctifying grace God instantly washed us clean with the BLOOD OF CHRIST (Rev.1:5; 1 Cor.6:11), and He has taken us up to Heaven. – Eph.2:6; Col.1:13.
In the earth we are Christ’s ambassadors. – 2 Cor.5:17-20.

Continued on the next post.



Catholics and Protestants confession is slightly different. Catholics confess directly to God and ask forgiveness in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ and sometimes or some Catholic more often confess to Priests.
According to Church teaching: Catholics should confess to Priests at least once a year.

As far as I know, Protestants mainly confess directly to God and ask forgiveness in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Acts 20:21; “Testifying to Jews, and also Greeks, repentance to God and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

1 John 1:7, 9; “But if we walk in the light as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST His Son CLEANSES us from ALL sin.
If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from ALL unrighteousness.”

Googler you have asked us: Please be clear and concise. This is very important for me to understand.

In my opinion, you don’t need to be concerned about our Protestant brothers and sisters. They BELIEVE the doctrine of the salvation of the Catholic Church: Which is;
Salvation is: By grace ALONE, through formed faith ALONE, SOLELY on account of the work of Christ.


Quote: “In fact, in TRADITIONAL WORKS OF CATHOLIC THEOLOGY, one regularly encounters the statement that FORMED FAITH IS JUSTIFYING FAITH. If one has formed faith, one is justified. Period. End quote. Emphasize mine.

This is above the doctrine of salvation of the Catholic Church. The protestant believe it.

But the majority of the members of the Catholic Church doesn’t know it or reject it and they believe some kind of a do it yourself salvation.

Googler, after when you read the following two quotes and meditate on them, you will be more concerned for the salvation of our Catholic brothers and sisters, then for the salvation of the Protestants.

YOU CAN UNDERSTAND THE BIBLE By Peter Kreeft pages 230, 248, 249.
If someone doesn’t know: Peter Kreeft is one of the most popular and widely read Catholic authors today.

“Highly recommended to all those who want to deepen their spiritual lives. The beauty of this book is that it literally makes the [Bible] come alive.” – John A. Harden, S.J.

Quote: “The mistakes of the Corinthians were mistakes of addition; the mistakes of the Galatians was subtraction. The Corinthians had polluted the gospel. The Galatians had abandoned it for another religion, “a different gospel.”

No mistake could be more serious. Yet as we shall see, this is the single most common mistake in the Church today.

Galatians, like Romans, is about SALVATION BY FAITH.
The Galatians so missed this CENTRAL POINT that Paul called their heresy of self-salvation “another gospel” that is another religion, NOT Christianity.

MANY RELIGIOUSLY UNEDUCATED CATHOLICS still believe this Galatian heresy today.

Not a small minority but a large majority of the Catholics today not only don’t know the basic doctrines of the Catholic theology anymore, they don’t even know how to get to Heaven!

Until this unbelievable failure is remedied, it is pointless to pray to God for ecumenical peace and reunion between Christian churches.

It is not clear that one who does not even know how to get to Heaven can accurately be called a Christian.

I am not suggesting, as many Protestant Fundamentalists do, that most Catholics are not saved.

But I am suggesting that perhaps most will be saved as good pagans, as “anonymous Christians” rather than as Catholic Christians.” End quote. Emphasize mine.

THE CATHOLIC ENCYLOPEDIA teaches the same thing as Peter Kreeft. Not exactly in the same diplomatic way.

Quote: “Most Catholics are doomed to eternal damnation.” End quote.

With love in Christ,

Talk to a priest for forgiveness and direction.
Get those dreaded mortal sins absolved immediately!!!
Try to explain your prayer life.
You may have a challenge or an opportunity.
To your advantage is to talk to a fervant and very holy priest.
Confession of venial sins is the next step.
If your goal is to be a saint and transcend purgatory, use frequent confession to grow in God’s Grace.
A must for all religious and for every poor sinner.
The next step is to walk and talk with the Immaculata.
Where she is, is where Jesus is.
When she visits you, ask her to move in permanently forever.
Keep praying, keep talking to her. Never tire. Focus on her, just like when you sleep.
Mary and Jesus increase in me.
Increase with power in my daily burdens.
Immaculata, refuge of poor sinners, pray for us. Amen.

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