“You can't be doing that in here!”

College students threatened with expulsion for praying on campus

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Should have contacted the ACLU. The American Civil Liberties Union has successfully defended the right of students to pray on their own in school, and they didn’t need to file a lawsuit; the mere threat of a lawsuit was sufficient.

And it’s a bigger disgrace, in the eyes of militant secularists, to be rebuked by the ACLU.

If he really wants to impress someone, go into a room full of Muslims and tell them that they “can’t be doing that in here”. Real tough guy.

Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and anyone else should allowed to pray under those circumstances.

Ironically, people like Derek often think they are saving the world by throwing hissy fits like this.

Liberals are exposing their Marxist ideologies more and more instead of hiding them. Time to fight back hard against them and remove them from any influence in society.

If there was ever any need for proof that all the nuts live in California, this is it.

America is becoming France.

I presume that the professor was fanatically opposed to religion and made some false accusations to the administration. Even if this is the case, the member of the administration who acted against them clearly violated their civil rights by not even having an administrative hearing and going by instead by hear-say evidence. I presume that the administration presumed that they would not resist. I would hope that this incident gets wide-spread publicity when it is in court to prevent this sort of thing from happening elsewhere.

It may be worth mentioning that the article is primarily a press release from the legal organization representing the two students. We are getting only one side of the story.

I thought at first too that this may be only one side of the story. Apparently thought they have documents to verify what they say. Also the university refused to reply to their lawyers to explain the university’s side of the story, if any, but they refused to explain anything, which in itself looks quite bad.

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