You dont need religion to believe in God


Isn’t this statement a joke? Yes, of course you can believe in god without religion- but why, when God has revealed Himself to us, would you not want to know Him through His revelation which is held, in it’s entirety, in the Catholic Church. ???


Its what people say when they want to make up their own rules and not God’s rules. That way they can do what ever they want and not have to believe they’ll be condemed for it.


Ah, you’ve noticed Agnos Theist’s signature too, he/she believes in some kind of entity or entities, but they can change their minds tomorrow.

There are pagan religions with their owns gods, but it is a requirement of Christians to believe in the One True God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit,and the one mediator between God and mankind, Jesus Christ.

Probably a loaded statement, satan believes in God, but I don’t think he’s very religious.


Religion means to bind oneself to God.


One doesn’t need religion to believe in God, but if one believes in God, he will do what God says to do.



If I may - -
I left the Church for many years. I never left God and never seriously questioned Jesus. However I did question religion. I did, for many years, called myself a non-denominational Christian. (I never attended a non-denom church though)'
I prayed, I studied, I learned many things and gained a deep feeling of comfort and rest in Our Lord.
I was less interested in “rules” than in living the simple commandment of Love.
I came home to the Church because I found Jesus calling me back. I missed the sacraments. I missed the discipline and I missed the community of believers.

I just wanted to lay this out so people can understand that there are other reasons for leaving. Searching privately is one of them.



They may not be condemed for it.


That a load of bull. The mere belief in God is already a religion, even though one may not do much about it.


No human has “no religion”. That the things that they believe can’t be easily fitted into some “denomination” with a recognized name does NOT mean that they don’t have a religion.

Religion is integral to being human, because belief is all that religion is. Some will say that you must have a “deity” with a recognized findable-in-the-encyclopedia name which you believe in to have a religion, but that is nonsense on the face of it.

The “God shaped hole” requires filling, and that which goes there is one’s religion.

Ask a person what they want. Then ask them why they want it. Then ask them why they want that. Repeat this questioning until they can’t think of anything different than the previous answer. That is their God.

How sensible is this statement: You don’t need blood to bleed.

The title of this thread is just as silly.


I like your response Cats.


This is quite a better thread compared to what I’ve heard of someone who preaches that religion is not necessary for salvation.


My Grandfather, perhaps the most religious man I ever knew, never said he did not need religion. He said he did not need organized religion. He was Catholic, non practicing, but had a stronger belief in the faith than ANYONE I have ever known.

There are those that tell me, and would tell me, that he was not Catholic, as he did not attend mass. I say to them, while I am a practicing Catholic myself, and raise my family that way, that to me, he had a stronger faith, and belief in God, than any “church going Sunday Catholic” I had ever met.

Did he make it to heaven? I pray to the Lord he did, because if he did not, there is something most definitely wrong with the system. :slight_smile:


the definition of religion is rendering to God what is due to him in justice, namely worship, praise, honor and glory, and love. To say you know God but do not have religion is to say you deny God his due and have in fact replaced him with yourself or some other idol.


I think there is a distinction between religion and spirituality. If you check the definition of religion, you find that the word often accompanies ‘rituals observances and set beliefs’. I think it is totally possible for someone to be very spiritual, but not associated with religion. Perhaps it is just another English ambiguity…


You’re right. It is just another english ambiguity.

“Rituals” are simply habitual behaviors. No one doesn’t have habitual behaviors.

“Observances” are simply recognizing that one has a belief in something, such as the belief that the sun will “rise” tomorrow morning. No one doesn’t have observations.

“Set beliefs” are simply beliefs that are “in place”, meaning “habitual”. To simply HAVE beliefs is to have them “in place”.

These things, rituals, observances and set beliefs, MUST be present in every and any human being, and probably some animals, and possibly some plants,… and perhaps some “non-living” things!

If this is what defines one as having a “religion”, then all humans, at least, have a religion.

Only by artificially constricting what religion is can one make any sense of a human being sipposedly not having a religion.

Spirituality is simply a measure of how often one consciously considers one religion.


You use the term “the system” re getting to heaven, God clearly tells us in the Bible that the way to heaven is through the Lord Jesus Christ.

As for the question of this thread, well it is God who enables us to believe in Him.



Why should i choose a religon to believe in God??
Why should i be labeled just to have faith he exists??
I believe in God and you HAVENT the right to judge me for not choosing a interpretation which i think sounds right…
2 Many people have created dif versions of the Bible, Why should i choose.
You can laugh and joke but seriously Man has started wars for years over who is right and wrong, I think God is in your heart not a label…
Follow the 10 comandments to your ability and follow the laws and you should be safe…
:shrug: But no doubt someone will say i’m stupid. But am i realy??
Just for not being in an institution:rolleyes:


So, you use the bible as your system to get to heaven which gives you knowledge of Jesus and which is given as a gift from God allows you to believe in God (relatively) correctly?

That’s very good, though not the best. :slight_smile:


But, do you have a religion? What does the word “religion” mean to you? Is it only “an institution”, or something else?


I dont consider myself apart of any religon because i dont like to ba labeled, I know people who would do you harm if you wasnt from there church. I see this all over the world in the media. So why i would be interested in someone thinking they know you because of you title you are attached to.
I have met too many Priests and higher members of the church that are’nt what they seem so religon doesnt mean nothing to me as a whole…
I am trying to understand all religons and not just 1…
As for an institution, That speaks for itself…

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