You Don't Need to Believe to Belong to New Church Plant in NYC's Co-Op City

NEW YORK — The pastor of a new church plant that is officially opening its doors this weekend in New York City’s Co-op City is praying that those who are farthest from God will be the ones to walk through their doors.

“We’re certainly not going to water down Jesus’ message ever. We believe that He’s God’s Son and we believe that He changes lives today and we believe that He’s the only way of salvation,” Pastor Mike Tolone told The Christian Post.

“But we want to let people know that they can belong to New Song Church, belong to this community even before they might believe fully in this God that we’re talking about.”


I’m curious what he means by “belong”.

They can be voting members of the board (a tactic that is sure to water down the message), or they can attend without issue? Because I’ve never heard of a parish that had a test of faith in order to allow a person to attend.

They make it sound as if this is a new concept. Far from it. In my parish many serve in the choir or usher or other ministries who are not yet Catholic. Really, it’s kind of funny in a way and so typical of the uninformed to think they’ve got a brilliant new idea. As if any Christian church asked for complete agreement with all doctrines before new people can enter the doors. :rolleyes:

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