You ever wonder which super hero is Catholic?

or which super hero belongs to what religion?, well i found a website that tells you just that:


I claim Scooby-doo:)

lol :thumbsup:

There really is no question that Nightcrawler is Catholic. He’s been seen in confessionals and in the movie, he is seen praying the Rosary. He also prays the Rosary in the comics.
In the Spider-man movies, Spider-man seems to have had Catholic upbringing. We see Aunt May saying her prayers every night. Eddie Brock (Venom) is also portrayed as a Catholic in the movies as well. Although, technically speaking, Venom could be considered an anti-hero.

They left out Iron Man! Anybody know what faith Tony Stark practices?

Isn’t Nightcrawler a priest? Or did that get retconned, like everything.

Nightcrawler (Kurt Wagner) was a circus performer before joining the X-men. He also has a girlfriend.

I had read a series where he became a priest, but with all of the alternate universes and retcons, it may not have happened in the main timeline.

I know what you’re talking about Havard. I’m also not sure if it was the main universe or not, but it eventually turned out to be a trick by some evil organization. They mind-controlled him and what not.

my faves are:

the punisher
the hulk - bruce banner
and i think batman is a closet Catholic, am just saying…LOL


lol but they’re all lapsed, aside from Daredevil!
I think Batman started out as Catholic, but from the latest comics he seems to have taken on a more pessimistic/nihilistic viewpoint


Unlikely Bats started out as any particular religion at all given the period of 1939 when he first appeared and how comics were then. He was more just a stereotypical playboy in his Bruce Wayne identity and I doubt Bob Kane who was Jewish would have intended him to be particularly Protestant or Catholic. Certainly he’s one or the other as his parent’s grave has been shown consistently as having crucifixes, crosses or angels on it and he has been shown to have a cousin who was a Nun at one point. The only Bat family member who is definitely Catholic (although not the best example of her faith) is the Huntress. Batman I also see as more idealistic than he lets on, at least when written by capable writers who can get past bad copies of Frank Miller’s style.

i forgot about huntress!.. yea shes pretty cool :thumbsup:

I prefer the second Huntress (the first was a golden age villain) who was Batman and Catwoman’s daughter. Her religion was never stated but I just felt she was a more classy character than the the later version:-

The Punisher is also Catholic, as I recall it was retconned in at one point that he was a seminarian for a time, although I don’t know if that still holds. Firebird, a little seen Marvel superhero is along with Nightcrawler one of the most Catholic superheroes and is one of the better occassions when Marvel managed to write a Christian character as an admirable and likeable person.

Yeah the Punisher thing still holds. although he left the seminary because he was unable to forgive people who sinned, so i think that would count him as “lapsed.” Being able to forgive is a big part of being a Christian.

And when I said “Batman started out a Catholic,” I meant when he was a kid, not when the series actually started.
Just little hints throughout the comics seem to indicate he was raised Catholic.

The Punisher always was rather Old Testament, I’ve never been a great fan of his to be honest, I can understand the mentality of say a Wolverine* who will kill if it’s neccesary, although I don’t approve of it and of the classic X-men line up I’d much more sympathise with Colossus or Nightcrawler who had very strong moral lines they didn’t like to cross in regards to use of violence - which was interesting as technically Colossus was meant to be an atheist.

Batman could be Catholic or Espiscopalian, either is equally possible - I see no proof that indicates absolutely that he is one or the other. As I say nuns in his extended family have been shown, but Nuns are not found solely in the Catholic Church and all the other pointers that could point to him been Catholic could also tend to him Espicopalian. Superman has been identified as a methodist at numerous points though. Batman has, as I say, some level of faith in the redeemable qualities of humanity despite his often grouchy exterior I see him as been as much of an idealist at Superman at heart. There was a bit in an Alan Davis comic where Lois Lane says that Batman is so cold and inhuman and doesn’t care to Green Lantern who responds that she’s wrong and that he cares too much if anything and I think that to an extent summed up one key aspect of the character. However I’m a fairly big Batman fan, at least when written in certain ways.

Other Catholic heroes, let’s see Firestar, of the old Superman, Iceman and Firestar cartoon series. When she appeared in the X-men comic book Christ Claremont showed she was a practising Catholic. Karma from the New Mutants was a Vietnamese Catholic. There’s quite a few Catholic characters out there.

*Note this is Wolverine back in the day more than 20 odd years ago - just before he became so ridiculously over-exposed as to ruin my interest in the character.

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