You Favorite Detective/Murder Mystery Series

This is a pretty straight forward question. I was curious as to what was popular and would also like some recommendations. When I was a kid I loved Sherlock Holmes by Sir Author Conan Doyle and recently I’ve gotten into the Father Brown Series by G.K. Chesterson. On TV I love Monk and Father Matteo.

P.S. Does anybody miss Father Matteo? They played it a lot earlier this year and I looked on the internet and they don’t play it anymore. Oh well:shrug: at least they still play reruns of Monk

Father Brown, and the Phoenix Wright series. :slight_smile:
For some odd reason, one tends to play like a detective while playing a Phoenix Wright game. O:

I was never that into that genre, but within the past year I started reading Sherlock Holmes (so far just the novels, not the short stories) - very enjoyable, Holmes is a very different character from my preconceived notion based on little snippets I had seen here or there in pop culture. Doyle’s writing is pretty good too.

I also recently read “Murder on the Orient Express” - also enjoyable, so I might pick up another Agatha Christie/Hercule Poirot novel eventually. “Orient Express” was interesting because I didn’t really foresee the outcome, but then when it was revealed, I thought it was a cliché ending, but for all I know it’s the book that originated the cliché.

The Spenser series by Robert Parker
Raymond Chandler
Stephen Hunter, especially the Bob Lee Swagger novels
P.D. James’ Dalgleish mysteries are good, too, if you like British stuff

I have a great fondness for Dick Francis’s books. They seem to involve nice people in a bit of a personal crisis along with the mystery.

And the greats: Doyle, Christie, Chesterton

And my favorite moderns: PD James, Elizabeth George, Ellis Peters, and Martha Grimes

And I also like Dorothy Gilman (Mrs Pollifax), and Emily Brightwell, and the Ladies’ Detective series.

I am a big mystery reader! I better stop before I think of any more!


Sherlock Holmes and Fr. Brown.
The show ‘‘Psych’’ is pretty good too.:cool:

Thanks for all the great answers!:smiley: Here is a link that would be of interest since most of the people who read this thread are catholic and like murder mysteries. The website is called Clerical Detectives its all about fictional clergy who solve crimes.

Also before Sherlock There was “Murders in the Rue Morgue” by Edgar Allan Poe. The oldest detective story I have read about was in the Arabian Nights. Its only a short story in a much longer book, but who doesn’t love the Arabian Nights? :smiley:

The Mentalist is kind of interesting, especially the episodes with red john.

I’m going to make a recommendation that some may laugh at, because the novels are certainly a light read, but I always enjoy reading The Cat Who novels. They are entertaining mysteries with characters that are easily loved. On top of that, they never have anything gratuitous, are not riddled with content that could lead to sin, and are just a good easy read. Plus there are a ton of them. They’re worth checking out sometime.


The “Sister Agatha” series by Aimee and David Thurlo! Excellent! :thumbsup:

The Posadas County Mysteries by Steven F. Havill.

Mary Higgins Clark (the Queen of Suspense) and her romantic suspense novels (not series, but some have a returning character.)

In my humble opinion you have left out someone from your list of greats - Dorothy L. Sayers. I refer to the Lord Peter Wimsey series of course.

I *knew *there was someone I was leaving out!

Poirot for me. Been watching the whole series on Netflix. :thumbsup:

She is responsible for starting a lot of what we consider cliche today. I personally have not read many modern detective stories so it’s still “fresh” for me. I LOVE Poirot. I love Holmes too but I like Poirot more. I’ve started reading Marple as well.

Hope I’m not too late on this, Kit, but be sure you DON’T read “Curtain” until you’ve read all the other Poirot mysteries!

Holmes and Poirot for the classics.

For more modern mysteries, Ellis Peters Cadfael Chronciles and John Mortimer’s Horace Rumpole stories.

I’ve only read a few of the ‘Mrs Pollifax’ novels but thoroughly enjoyed them.

And who can forget my favourite titian-haired teen detective - Nancy Drew. I so wanted red hair and a convertible car when I read those books. And the Famous Five series by Enid Blyton.

Father Dowling Mysteries. I liked that show.

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